A reminder to buy soft outside the chain of high weight website stationmaster love Shanghai tricky

you according to the screening conditions. Look at these sites, that these sites are basically brush scams increase weight index. Love Shanghai weights up to 7, but the noble baby PR not included too few, how likely is the regular site? But the price cost is quite amazing. You think, if direct brush their own website domain name, it must be your site row on the first page.


sites are slightly Ali inside weight net tools displayed by love stand.

These sites are generally These

second is a large accumulation of multiple keywords not related directly in the title, keyword stuffing, get garbage articles for long tail keywords ranking improve weight. Access to a large number of long tail ranking.

other two ways:

these two ways can improve the weights of the first, a lot of people, is to make money by selling Links and received, we found the text when the chain of. Or stack keywords, put some on your own website will row in the front page of the popular keyword index and then brush high, get high weight. A high weight can cheat money.

what is this, a few days before the luggage industry website Chi special net Shanghai Longfeng responsible person said to me: recently found that many crooks use love Shanghai and webmaster tools loopholes in cheating sites such as Ali slightly, we also fooled.

introduction: I know this news would harm the interests of some people, but have a lot of people, but also to continue. New and small owners, many uninformed people fooled. If we all know that can make money, who to who really do? The industry is getting bad, is quick.

is a brush domain and several key words.

specific method is its own website or some very popular keywords software to search index to brush every day tens of thousands of search keywords, because the brush itself is the site of the domain name, popular keywords, also is the site ranking in Shanghai love results page.

oh. I think, love Shanghai, love station network, Ali slightly. The three party has the responsibility to eradicate these crooks.


to 3-7 weight level, crooks use new or is people do not understand the weight of attention, and in this kind of link to buy and Ali slightly soft trading website was tricked into buying the site Links and release the soft. But there is no help for the promotion and ranking of customers.

produced a very abnormal scam, we believe that Ali is tiny and love Shanghai has not shirk responsibility, hope to expose the deception Lou song song remind love Shanghai and Ali changed slightly.


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