As the new owners of the website internal link optimization should understand

let’s talk about the new owners how to optimize the internal links to our website:

then according to their website to do the relevant adjustment.

next, position navigation of your site with the best similar navigation position ("your position > &g>

as a webmaster perhaps on the site of the internal links and other related issues also have a general understanding, but many people may not know, sitelinks optimization is good for Shanghai dragon, it can not only reduce the number of spiders lost, has an effect on the whole website ranking is also improved.

in fact, speaking of the site of the internal links, this is related to a weight calculation problem, in addition to the calculation itself, but also need to calculate the search engine rules. About the internal links, we suppose that an internal link to the long-term not updated, the search engine will calculate the weight of the link, if the update times gradually reduced, even to the last no weight transfer to our website. So, your article will be pressed at the bottom of this page, will lose weight slowly. Specifically, the website links need to have time to climb the spider index, in order to gain more weight. The search spider to more frequently, your ranking is better, the higher the weight. On the other hand, then this site is waiting on the Internet in the long forgotten. In fact, the Internet is a web form, constantly crawling, indexing, collection, display. The reason why we want to optimize the website links, is easy to climb the spider moment, before going to the included page, it will not lose weight.

in the chain is also an important layout, such as any we’ve written an article with a relevant title station linked or link to the previous or the relevant page, of course we can also set up "the program" to refer to multiple titles. Love from the perspective of Shanghai, can get better weight, thereby increasing the page ranking.

the second column navigation site according to their own important and secondary order. The key to push the columns placed in front. There is, in the navigation text should correctly and naturally describe to the content of the page, which is also convenient to search engine to understand the specific contents of the column page through text.

as a new webmaster, you know how much of the site of the internal links optimization! Why do we have to do the internal links? How to optimize the website internal links to

for example: first of all, you need to check your logo is not a point to your home page link label and whether add the title attribute and other issues.


The connection between the article and the article

as the new Adsense to the internal link optimization on their website, first of all it is necessary to know these points: what is the site LOGO, site navigation, position navigation, the link, FAQ page, bottom navigation.

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