Graphic Links exchange three cheating

what is the Links? Is the exchange of friendship links based on, but most of the webmaster is based on their own interests and exchange website. Most of the owners are aware of Links is an efficient method to improve the weights of the site. With the webmaster of Links constant attention, some unscrupulous webmasters are friends of the chain to make a fuss, take some deceptive methods to do Links deception, the author today is here to share a few webmaster do the easy to meet Links.

do not know whether you encountered such a situation, and a site link exchange end, home to see the link, but don’t think this is over, when you use the query tools not found this site trans. What is this? This is not the original owners by using Javascript to call the friends of the chain, although in the code we can find our site, but this form of site does not transfer the weight, because the spider is not really Javascript code. So what can we do to check this deception. The answer is yes, we understand if source code can view the site of the first page of the source code is the use of the Javascript code (see below), then we can choose Links testing tool, now most of the tools are able to detect this kind of deception.

Iframe framework must have many webmaster all know, we generally use the iframe framework to put advertising, because as advertising, he does not need to transfer the weight, not the webmaster to learn to use this feature, they will be friends of the chain in your iframe framework, so that if you look at the home.

two: the home page Javascript code to call link cheating

cheatingUse the


: use the nofollow tag cheating

nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. The nofollow tag is to tell the search engine spiders not to crawl, the information here and the Never mind. The nofollw tag is generally used for some of our web site at the bottom for example: contact us about our company profiles. These do not have to transfer link weight or index information. But not the webmaster but put them in a chain, the chain do is to transfer the weight of the spider crawling, if in addition to the role of the nofollw tag in the chain is equal to zero. In this way the author suggests cheating, the exchange links we should first check the website source code (as shown below). Whether the view code to add nofollw tags. Some words flatly refused to exchange links.


three: the use of iframe framework


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