Ali mother is still in the vegetable market stageTo be a friend relax five hundred knives per month

back to the topic, I am from 2 to 6, do ya friends, then write a day to earn $61 I admit a bit in making the user’s eyes, because the 61 block is not converted, but even so, 61 knife after the conversion has nearly ten knife, as a novice just do it yayou this number should not low. Here’s what I just did for ya’s income screenshot:

, let me take a look at my income shot in the last few days:

didn’t want to write an article today, just talking to a writer about improving the income structure. Before, I was just like a writer, writing IT articles. He believes that when writing from interest into occupation is a very painful thing, although the monthly money even more than the salary. Of course I earn high wages by writing a lot, but I still did not give up work. I’ll write a story about my experience when I get the chance. Anyway, the deepest impression is that I’ll go to the post office to get the money order, but miss doesn’t want my ID card. Have a take, there is a woman, see I took so much money, of course she is writing, but not IT, is the education of the manuscript. She asked my name after I left. Miss refused to say, then she and my acquaintance, but can’t remember the name, and then said I miss very much ” Oh, don’t say, going.

actually think more and you’ll make a lot of money. There are many users on the asked me, how to do the station, how to do traffic, how to convert traffic into money?. I usually tell them a little bit about my own experience and introduce my ideas, but they don’t want to try, and they don’t want to do what they want. They just want to get ready. In fact, everyone’s practices are different, just to see how you understand, apply other people’s ideas, and turn it into their own things!

I have

two, ad position

Also put the Ali Mama advertising

once wrote an article about "making friends, I make 61 knives a day", I don’t know if everyone has any impression. Later, Wang was slightly sorry, but admitted: "you’re the only author to be allowed to add AD to the article.". The article was deleted, I can understand the difficulty of the king, and thank you for the support of King wang.

I am a novice webmaster, because the new station, sh419, GG advertising temporary application is not down, I was in for the advertisement of the mom, after a period of time, the feeling is Ali mother is in a vegetable market stage, the amount of brush station, garbage advertising to meet the eye everywhere. I’m not saying that Ali’s mother is not good, I actually support the Ali Mama, just because mom is one of the bright younger generation, not with sh419, GG such a large company than a company is not a process of development, but Ali mother now or in the initial stage. I’m here today, nonsense, but also to some webmaster suggestions, let the webmaster know more about Ali mother, in Ali mother in how to sell advertising, how to buy advertising is better. I’ll talk about my experience.

in Ali mother buy advertising to promote my website, I was a poor webmaster, no money, my mom in a buy advertising is advertising on my website to earn very little, so I bought the 0.05-0.1 advertising in Ali mother only, let everyone joke,

one, website main

has an average of more than ten dollars a day in recent days, especially the 3.12 registration rate is still very high. It’s OK to earn five hundred knives a month at this rate.

started I saw 0.05 advertising very much some traffic is more than 200, and is very excited, the Ali Mama make 10 dollars to buy a batch of advertising, hoping that will give me a good website >

please "today I was expelled from school, I will decide on what path to follow the author?!", if you see this article, if you think my experience can also help you earn one money, solve your current difficulties, please contact me! Contact method can search on the Internet "winter without autumn" keyword, there should be! Because I had a similar experience before, though it wasn’t as difficult as you. I graduated in 2000 with a salary of $500 a month

on my site, now also to the Ali Mama voted on the bidding advertising, is not in the Ali Mama Apple pictures, 0.08 advertising click charges, to remind the webmaster, Ali Mama advertising is money, in your advertising for advertising, though your website has given you the Ali Mama advertising investment on the bidding advertising, just click on the Ali Mama advertising in the lower right corner of the sign, or click into the website of your mom is the site of the advertising information, click on this is Ali mother will pay for you, before 0.06, I do not know specifically, anyway, on my website to Ali mother 0.11 is my price, I think this is good than sh419, GG, I haven’t heard on sh419, GG The logo sign for the calling is for money, and the LOGO tag is connected to various sites,

but the Ali Mama advertising auction is no sh419 GG to do well, the Ali Mama advertising does not understand your website, so 80% advertising content to your website is the Ali Mama Wu relationship, so click rate will greatly discount. sh419 GG, this is very good, sh419, GG are aware of your website, sh419 and GG in your advertising advertising is based on your content delivery, is advertising with the content of your website is very close, so click rate will be very large, the Ali Mama also do like this.

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