8 attractive chain bait method

All kinds of

linkbait refers to create a useful, interesting and attractive content, in order to attract external links. Of course, not limited to those who, through their own efforts, to attract others most willing to link can be counted as a link bait. Of course, it is called bait, often because of these, the chain refers to the page often has some particularity, whether it is funny, especially resources (you know), or resource uniqueness, it is very special.

resources can be a further discussion or tutorial article, can also be a product (download some topics such as foreign), can also be a data list and so on various forms, all users can get what they want from this page. For example, the station created a special list of topics, can help readers to complete reading about all the articles related to the implementation of WordPress technology in Shanghai dragon.

link bait, it is difficult to have a unified standard and applicable mode in all situations. The most important thing is creativity, and can be linked to the possibility of. Here we have to introduce different types of link bait:

news baitWhat is the For example,


online tools


industry exclusive news release, with the fastest speed, while the content of quality is relatively high, often can get the chain high. However, for the newly founded station, because few visitors, perhaps no readers, so even received exclusive reports, and released the first time, can not play the effect. But some sites rely on this news temptation started, they specifically reported the latest industry news, such as the IT team blog 36Kr. If your site is new, not what the reader may wish to try, I introduced before the "safety island" Shanghai dragon skills (I recorded net release two sou article "safety island" Shanghai dragon tips).

3, a controversial topic

at the beginning of May 2010, in the famous blog published an article entitled "Han Han alert" article, immediately provoked a war between Han Han and a number of authors, caused a small storm. This article has also been very much the chain, not because people love this article, often because of this article comment in the initiator of evil, others, must refer to it.

The so-called

with a controversial topic can often get more attention, whether the other party is facing controversy itself, and you hold or support or opposition, they always want to stay there, so that they also participate in the discussion of controversial topics in. And if you are early spokesman for this controversial topic, even is the initiator of evil, it is likely to be linked.

is a good tool, not only can reap the benefits, but also attracted a lot of outside the chain, so as to get more revenue. For example, just love to stand up, because it is provided.

2, resource-based linkbait

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