For a new station to the high quality of the Links nine skills

match up: not the same as stationmaster, the friends of chain requirements are not the same, most of the owners are still struggling with the PR value chain (currently only on Google ranking useful effect on love Shanghai ranking has been reduced), but also some owners pay more attention to weight love Shanghai, and others about her stand when the stand is to emphasize their advantages, such as the seconds, the next snapshot, normal station IP, every day.

, CMG immigration here to tell you how new sites in the short term, in exchange for a large number of high quality Links, let the exchange links do not become in distress, the following specific to explain how I was for a few tips Links:

1, a spider,

update snapshot 2, find the relevant website

help: first check their website Links, to see if there is no error, link and so on, and then remind him, let him have a good influence on you. Then the technology can also give them some website optimization scheme, such as web page optimization speed, and so on, let him feel that you have great strength, is the expert, your site must have a future, plus a good person, so that there will be a great probability to exchange links.

: and they discuss cooperation and mutual benefit cooperation programs, you can provide some high quality articles to them every day, for Links by way of cooperation, the drawback is to spend a lot of time to look for the day.

3, exchange skills

outward first, want to return for good Links, first let your website snapshot is kept up-to-date, the article to the second, this by the spider can reach one or two weeks. Methods the spider is roughly the time of visit, at a fixed point in time to find out the statistics of spiders, visiting spider, published daily high quality original or false original article before this time, for 2 weeks, you can do the latest snapshot, the article seconds.

love Shanghai. You’ll see., don’t overlook love Shanghai this big kill, search by keywords our own website, the following is to witness the miracle of the moment, and you stand completely related websites appeared, and it is a pile of. One point in, find the webmaster contact in the website, and then exchange with him, don’t be afraid of shame, failure is the mother of success it is, and you are willing to change, as long as the change to the one you earn big.


through search sites usually have a good ranking, this time how to persuade him and your new exchange, is a technology live. The following is a summary of several methods:

for the new station, in exchange for some high quality Links, can greatly improve the frequency of updates included in the site and snapshots and so on, the benefits of self-evident. But most new webmaster will fall into a dilemma: because it is new sites, PR is not high, is not good, the snapshot may suck and so on, these factors lead to the exchange for no good Links.

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