265 add new account functionPerhaps these words you use some Wangzhuan career

is now a lean start-up, but it doesn’t mean anything can be done,

said some digression in writing before, this is a very loud Wangzhuan two years, more and more newcomers to join the industry, the dream to make money in the computer and in the surrounding pleasure, more and more peers abandoned their interpersonal circle, are at home every day, or do the site, or when the Internet writer first, no matter how you work, personally I still hope that friends can correct view of our industry, just a way Wangzhuan our survival, not all of life. If we have time, we must treat our life as a normal office worker. All right, no nonsense. Start the text.

think he had just started to do the pig really embarrassed, help others to modify the design of a web application, such as LOGO, have often been cheated, a week can put electricity fishing back on the good, but he finally found the industry in the beginning, although not ideal, but he and a few friends still insist on down, go to today can also score. But I did not boast myself, just want to say need courage Wangzhuan, but the vision is as important as the project to pick more to choose, if want to do Wangzhuan will have a stable growth and profitability, like pig, then the task model, I advise you to do is just entertainment, when a

don’t complain about making less money, that’s what you don’t have,

own webmaster, how many will know a lot of friends and colleagues, there are rich, also have abjection, do the same pillow, a friend, in 5000, another friend, a monthly income of 500, really funny. So I heard this earned

Facebook let us success we see the poor and blank, can be converted into gold and silver dream. So more and more novice embraced "thin" entrepreneurial era, often have an idea is to throw off the arm to do. But the effect is often not satisfactory?, like a friend to get fetal ordinances, tens of thousands of dollars of goods are not sold, the same reason Wangzhuan can not rely on the courage to enter the world, you want to rely on this to make a living, we must grasp some of the strength of the project.

      1, the provisions of the union the same bank account information can only be registered once, and some webmaster have many websites, in order to facilitate the owners of separate domain statistics, maximize the interests of owners, the League opened a sub account management function.
      when a user first registered user name, the system default bank account information for this user name under the main account, if the owners want to add a new user name, you can add sub account number in the background of "user data" – "account management". No matter how many accounts are added to the webmaster, the system’s default account information is for the account under the first user name. After the monthly settlement, the Commission will also be remitted into the main account.
    2、请已经在联盟注册过多个用户名的站长在收到此邮件后15天内,将要合并的用户名提交给联盟,发邮件至[email protected]邮件格式如下:
      主账号:[email protected] 密码:123456
                        Account number: 4367420225648142301
     ;     sub account number: 1. [email protected] password: 123654

from 2010 to now, my Wangzhuan career has been three years from now, the university dormitory rental office, the scale is expanding a lot, add up to 6, 7 people. Now turn to a graduation season, but there will be a lot of new blood to our industry will feel the pressure and excitement coexist, but the ideal is full, the reality is skinny, Wangzhuan industry participation of many people, but go down is really not much, at last can support himself it is scanty, so this important juncture in the development of life, I want to give some new books to enter this industry with a pour cold water.

! no kidding!

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

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