He Tao tell me about the operation and management experience of Shanghai Dragon Team

first of all I want to say the sentence is, what is the Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon team about how many people. In my eyes and not that many people is good, do not work one thousand ten thousand is no good. Shanghai dragon team = Shanghai dragon head of +2 + + program editor of Shanghai Longfeng staff I personally feel for the general operation of the project can be in operation. Some friends may say you don’t don’t artists? Art is not that important, but the current situation is not to say the site layout has special requirements of the big customer. And now the general program will point graphics, this is a normal thing.

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back to my own small team is at present. Especially for the network are mostly young people, especially have been very difficult to find the partner that can be especially hard, I am glad that is my current Shanghai dragon team in a young man, let me feel very good. From a small editor was born, a day to remember his original 30 article he can top pressure, and it will be very conscious to do, and will be completed within the stipulated time. In fact, no matter which team has a very good benchmark for the team itself is a particularly big impulse.

into our theme today, action and management of Shanghai dragon team.

keep watch first actually as a supervisor, the partners of the faith that is quite important. Here I want to say that a particular brainwashing insurance company model. To tell the truth I have ever been to the insurance company, when >

there will always be someone to replace you these words I believe is one of the core management of the family. How to understand: as we all know, when we push the forum there are 28 strokes when members of the registration of people that is quite much, but finally admitted it so few. That is to say a certain implication, people will always want to come in, even if you are already filled. So as a high growth of the core team, the unqualified members will be eliminated. If you push it in 28, you will not have to worry about this problem?

Shanghai dragon team operation experience, in fact, he Tao did not qualify to do analysis and explanation. Just because of recent website of Shanghai Longfeng and team management with both hands, I have to present their experience of operation to come out, on the one hand is the record of their growth, on the other hand, in order to better communicate with you. I believe that see Bowen who is indeed a part of "leadership is when". Management and operation team, this experience I actually learned from the 28 push inside. So far, I believe we should all know 28 push BBS, is composed of 28 disciples and a master of a large family, the popular forum big team to operate. He Tao is a member of 28 forum, on the one hand, I am here to learn network promotion from another perspective, I learn more is a management concept which.

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