On March Shanghai ranked love big update summary

3, the foreign chain chain are more stringent, many sites with a decline in February 22, 2011, the best evidence for this is the love of Shanghai foreign chain operation, there is a forum for information platform and special leave the chain (garbage Chain Forum) have different degrees of right down, when you release the chain in these sites to be included even if will not have much effect.

The quality requirements of

4, love Shanghai search page is a big update, pay more attention to the user experience. For example, you need to know the weather today, only to fall in love with the sea search "weather" the word can display the current weather conditions for three days or so. There are some changes according to your own search of.

recently my website a lot of problems in Shanghai, love algorithm update? What new changes? Because I am an old station of Beijing Haotian access network is K out the design, so it is anxious, with various ask I made a detailed analysis and view other sites and friends hand inside the working site, finally find out the answer to the question, that is my website is a problem so quickly corrected, because I know that in March the big update is coming, if not timely treatment, but also my little network may wait until the next big update we can have a good start. As we all know, the site has been K since it is very difficult to get back on the small update. So for me the results of the analysis on this and have to share. And friends after dozens of different industries analysis sites found that love Shanghai recently adjusted ranking algorithm is very powerful, it is believed that the following aspects:

above 4 experience, I think you in the next step to optimize the direction of the site should be relatively clear.

1, the official website of the brand more popular, actually increases the user experience for the integrity, to ensure that users can access to the real brand website to find at any time. (this is the analysis of several electronic, piano, cosmetics, etc. The results show that the well-known enterprise station, you will find the search that will let you at a glance)

for the above situation, I fortunately discovered in time, so just let me be K station was restored in a timely manner, but also have a lot of friends say this love Shanghai to update his station without any change, I think it is because he did not find their own website problems, hope the above summary is to do Shanghai dragon new reference point. From: 贵族宝贝igreatsky贵族宝贝 Beijing Haotian access website design

2, the content of the higher quality requirements, especially the content of the original, love Shanghai more popular. Part of the non original website or direct collection sites have the right down behavior in different degree, after analysis found that some non original content even if included, and over time will also be deleted Shanghai love.

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