Keywords webmaster case analysis Pinyin and URL optimization


Shanghai index to explain love

can be seen in the figure with Gongyi have been bold, draw the conclusion: the website URL optimization in the search engine, it is particularly important, search engine included how or when the appropriate keyword ranking, URL search engine will be paid attention to, so as to have a better ranking. The appropriate URL means: one is to meet the user experience, one is easy to be included in the search engine. Let the user from URL that your website is about what about what information can be obtained, and so on, if the user wants to meet, then you will get the website user experience. The site uses 2 level domain name, URL short, or English in Pinyin letters, love is the search engine, it can easily be included.

users search Gongyi, search engine gives a user experience, the user is not to search for Gongyi, then you can imagine, Gongyi and the public, the word is more beneficial to the user, apparently is given in Gongyi. Seen from the figure of the Gongyi index is higher than the index of public welfare, so is reflected in the search time. If your website is about the public interest, want to ranking, then the public index must exceed Gongyi index, can reflect the. If you search the public, then the search engine will match keywords according to Gongyi and the public.



today inadvertently in the search engine, but also found that keyword Pinyin has certain website weight. If you can find a pair of eyes, then you will soon succeed. Get to the point, look at the following chart:

search engine is in accordance with the Pinyin and Chinese together, keywords, if you optimize your Chinese keywords, the best optimize a keyword pinyin. This will help the site in the search engine rankings. Keywords in pinyin optimization, to choose the short words, if it is the long tail keywords, do not consider using Pinyin. One option is to link connector words, the first letter or by keyword display, with a small. Source: Shenyang 196 group, 贵族宝贝196tuan贵族宝贝

(1) URL has been an important basis for the search engine



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