Case analysis of website title should be people oriented

straight to the point, not pull. Local talent net as a local large-scale web site, how to optimize? We all know that the first step is to choose keywords Shanghai dragon, local talent net should be how to choose what keywords? For example: the Weinan talent network talent website, the first page keyword is "Weinan talent network" and "Weinan recruitment network", but the search volume of the two words is relatively small, it is reasonable that local talent website generally only local users will go to search, and those who need to find work or recruit business people. First look at the Weinan talent network of some of the basic data:

love Shanghai traffic forecast: 113, visible website traffic is not much love from the sea can also see an approximate weight, many keywords ranking is not ideal, I will not screenshots, if a local talent websites are only for the city, then the "local + talent network" similar keyword search volume this is very small, the natural site is not much traffic. Consider from Shanghai Longfeng perspective: we want to get is to maximize the more effective flow, so this is actually the main keywords have little effect, unless the site is already very well-known in the local brand, a natural search and more people, such as: "Hefei talent network" is the keyword there are many searches. I see the love of Shanghai index is more than 600, but there is no talent network city brand type for a local talent, do website is an opportunity. The next key talk about local talent website how to excavate the long tail word, first page long tail word this talent network analysis set is reasonable, as follows:

welderKey words: recruitment job

page title: welders – Weinan Ellis art intercontinental renewable resources Ltd. – Weinan talent network, the inside pages of key words: welders, Ellis Weinan Huanyi intercontinental renewable resources Ltd., page description: Weinan Ellis art intercontinental renewable resources Co. company recruit welders. Because there are a lot of job information and resume a talent website, so in the pages of meta information is generated by the program, but this talent network within the meta page information is a bit unreasonable? The long tail word choice is not accurate enough. From the angle of Shanghai dragon, the page title is the most important information, we usually get the most important information on the front of the title text, and then from the user’s point of view, an enterprise recruitment information on your website, is naturally want more candidates to see this information, so in page included rate and ranking is very important, I believe that in this meta page information talent website can do:

Title: Weinan Ellis art intercontinental renewable resources Ltd. _ recruitment recruitment – Weinan talent network


welder, electric welder,.


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