628K so restore my site


on the morning of July 8th, or the daily habits, webmaster tools query rankings included what the. Check at. Included reducing, originally included more than 200 papers, now there is only a dozen articles. Love is also not a snapshot of Shanghai. My first reaction is that the site was K. At that time, and several webmaster friends do Links. So the first time to notify the webmaster, cancel the station Links, so as not to harm the innocent. In fact, I do not know what


today’s ranking or return to K before ranking. Need I quite looking forward to the first page. Because in this month, I still work to be done around the keywords to do. Now still marking time. Is my promotion this month are basically zero.



pictured above, increase the chain I was in June 14th to 21 between is greatly increased. K time is July 8th. I know you are slow, but also not too long. The chain is the forum signature, why increase so much, we should all know it, my A5 forum account and posting replies have thousands of posts. Plus other forum signature.

, my friendship exchange site, not by K. So it is not Links this reason.

four: HEIMAO cheating. This is the SHAGUA will do. My website is a non-profit, advertising is not much. It is purely personal. To do this

also wrote some words of their own. The >

from the four aspects above, my site must be error K. That is what I do to remedy the

exactly my site is K after July 8th. Recovery time is the night of August 1st. The two pictures above it all. (Note: this station is the beginning of June 10th on the line)

three, the chain of influence.

(the length of the request I cut only a small part of



two, the main reason is the K station site the quality is not high, the lack of originality, readability. I can say. My site, browse the number of per capita is about 10 of the basic. The quality is not high, the lack of readability it would be justified.


is actually very simple, and I still haven’t been K before the update, the chain every day. So the results of the August 1st Shanghai love give me out. When just put out a no ranking. After 5 days out. Key words: evil is my comic book.


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