The planning paid search spending and prove the effectiveness of the five steps

on the other hand, for some of the B2B industry, such as the company’s large equipment (such as industrial equipment), search engines play a role instead of the traditional "personal selling" play a role in. The establishment and expansion may be through various channels such as fairs or supplier meeting produce famous brand.

2. competitive analysis and evaluation benchmark

once you have enough money to support, then the next.

1. on the industry and the audience behavior

finally, search rankings and competitors compared to its own brand, to see whether their website also can always appear in the front page, even if you constantly refresh. Whether you because the budget is limited, so that the brand visibility in search on your competitors? If so, you can take this as an excuse for additional investment.

paid search advertising funds and demonstrate its effectiveness can be carried out through the following five key steps:

you can do some research to understand your competitors move, because it relates to the search marketing. You can use some free tools such as SpyFu to understand competitors marketing and payment level. At least you can do some useful research, old-fashioned manual – input your target keywords in the search engine, what brand or website will see the search results, and look for the most popular words, your competitors appear in front of the frequency of the search page much. If no matter how many times you refresh, competitors’sites always appear in the front page, then they may have to maximize the investment paid search.

confirmed that the first step should be paid search spending to ensure that your users tend to search for your products or services on the network. Of course, we will find that anything you can think of each type of industry can be searched, but apparently, for some enterprise and industry, the search engine can play a greater role. For example, people often search related health problems on the internet. In fact, people usually through the Internet, especially the search, to seek the answers to the questions. Therefore, drugs and non prescription drugs?? the brand can get good results through online marketing.

Classification of

so, you should assign your search marketing expenditures according to the degree of importance of search engines on the target audience.

readers often ask me such a question, "how do I determine to paid search marketing how much money?" or "how can I prove my paid search activities are effective?" today I will in the column in the above two problems and provide some solutions.

the next step is to understand the competitive environment. Senior managers are very concerned about their competitors in what to do, and sometimes to determine their own spending the most simple way is to highlight the potential threat of competition.

3. market size

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