The website of Shanghai Longfeng data analysis application

through effective data analysis, understand user behavior, to improve customer service, increase website viscosity, better meet the needs of users and visitors. Through the website of statistical tools such as the love of Shanghai, I want (51la Statistics), CNZZ data experts, YAHOO statistics, Google webmaster statistical software, statistical code.


through the data statistics to more clearly understand user behavior. Those pages and content to attract users, users often access those pages are those pages, spend most of their time, how to browse the depth, users often use the entrance. Through the summary of such pages highlight the advantages of the use of such a page, other pages, to optimize further on the site. In the promotion of the time focused on publicity and promotion.

through the data analysis of user habits to grasp. What is the use of browser users, use what kind of search engine, what time of the visit, what time is the peak of the habit of user behavior are summarized, according to the browser, search engine, web site optimization. Access statistics by day, week visit statistics, map growth trend site visits to grasp the recent website user access, optimize website content.

Through the statistics of the source

do website need to understand the sources of user, user preferences, user behavior, through the analysis of statistical data to grasp the site layout and navigation, good website content, to attract users.

through the analysis of growth trend of site visits, to understand the status of the website. Visit the highest period, through the user access to most of the time, "to do the network promotion. The user through the use of search engines, the main entrance, keywords, antecedents, browsing depth, language, time zone, with the type of browser to grasp the user’s behavior, through the statistical analysis of traffic, on the time period of traffic statistical analysis and monthly traffic statistics analysis to determine the direction of the website.

users master the crystal clear. How the users come to our website through other web links, search engine and search engine which. By what kind of keywords, search through what come to our website. The user can often find our website using the key words, understand our words are reasonable and effective, in order to adjust the keywords, the keywords of the removed those keywords of the reinforcement, those keywords modified to improve the accuracy of the keywords, have a very good help.

is the site itself or whether the optimization of search engine optimization, data analysis to help certain role in the optimization of the time, the website of Shanghai dragon, and ultimately the data analysis application. Take advantage of the data analysis, to adjust the construction site itself according to the statistical data and website promotion strategy. Therefore the analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng data absolutely indispensable, make good use of data analysis. This paper comes from the construction site in Shenzhen 贵族宝贝>

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