Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng brand marketing using boosting process of website

"on the Internet brand building is made of high quality content and services in exchange for the trust of users of the site content, the process of allowing users to become loyal users from a search engine passing". Love Shanghai "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" said.

A5 (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/) with Wyatt marketing, search engine marketing (including Shanghai dragon and SEM) the biggest weakness is that the search engine giant brand appeal, is too dependent on the Shanghai dragon and SEM marketing on the website (enterprise) brand formed a serious obstacle.

more terror, as if love Shanghai algorithm changes or bidding website resources can not keep up, your website ranking will mingluosunshan, instant sales will shrink dramatically, even in a severe loss, "Shanghai love addiction" inextricably bogged down in.

must emphasize is not a brand website is only by Shanghai dragon success, Shanghai dragon WHY is not, network brand building is a systematic project, it must begin with the overall brand planning, and integration of various resources, the use of various marketing means of publicity, long-term and unremitting efforts to succeed.

famous ER Shanghai Longfeng Cardiff said: "the highest level of a successful Shanghai dragon ER will not do the industry’s top keywords, but managed to create a top keywords" — he referred to here as "the industry’s top keywords" is the brand keywords, such as the Shanghai dragon WHY, Korean clothing homes, wheat bags etc..


, a platoon leader must have overall view, if a ER is Shanghai dragon brand awareness, consciously reduce, avoid the keywords ranking Shanghai Longfeng brand weakened in the daily Shanghai Longfeng process, to further strengthen the brand website optimization keywords, to create a series of website brand keywords, such as Shanghai dragon.

especially keyword optimization ranking, there is the process of marketing consciousness weaken their brand consciousness, even those "XX products which brand is good, long tail keywords optimization did not emphasize the brand effect, emphasize the immediate commodity transaction conversion rate. But all the Shanghai dragon ER experience show that the conversion rate is far higher than the general brand keywords industry keywords.

can imagine, Shanghai dragon this method even if successful, when users search through the search engine on your website (shop) on the satisfaction, but the vast majority of users did not remember your business (or product) brand, just remember that I was in love with Shanghai to search all of your marketing efforts; although access for profit, but in the long term development of your marketing efforts only deeper mind that users love Shanghai, You’ll see. "in their hard – imperceptibly inherent in the concept of manpower and resources marketing has become a search engine for free promotion" Lei Feng ".

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