The word valve do seventh page love Shanghai experience two months

program is the asp.net2.0+access database, the station can generate static pages. I believe that many slightly understand the point of technical personnel can do.

home to the name of the company is title, keyword put the word valve, then describe embedded in the word 3 times. The classification page, with large class based keyword, followed by the company referred to. Categories of products, product related technical articles are so arranged. Save the product description, product description on the left side of the page. So the search engine can automatically obtain the contents as described in the introduction. This is why love Shanghai encyclopedia no description, and to search it, can also be seen that the description of the encyclopedia.

content sourcesThe contents of

4, the source of the chain



my site is the Jialing River valve, valve in the first row of Jialing River to search the sea is my business station optimization. Of course, the valve core keywords now row to page seventh, did not expect the seventh page also has 6 IP today. Although not what accomplishments, but also want to share with you, how I do it.


in addition to the bottom few correlation is a link to exchange himself, the other is the chain chain in plain text. You can use " to fall in love with the sea; " see my name, there are more than 900 pure text chain. The chain in addition to write text obtained, many other are using skycc combination marketing software to get the bulk pure text chain. After all, write text many times time-consuming, sometimes also be returned or deleted, so choose a good outside chain construction software is feasible, the key is that you should use.

see the hadronic analysis beauty Lele BBS article, feel to write soft practice or instance based analysis more convincing. I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon Er received planning station optimization of the list, I also like. Today the station of a company as an example to analyze.

1, the website program


are all copied in Internet, such as category descriptions, or add their own understanding of the content. Such as the product, or a no watermark images, or add some relevant content to the content within the chain. For example, the product is pneumatic ball valve, so then we can add a word "pneumatic ball valve ball valve named power, and its corresponding and electric valve, manual valve etc.". With such a word, the electric ball valve can do within the chain, the ball valve can do within the chain. There is news and information, is the industry website reproduced directly add to. But each article is to set it up for a keyword, let the words play the next relevant content when this information can make the relevant information. You can go to my site to see a piece of information.

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