The introduction of the five ultimate site keywords mining method


in the new line, the best we can do is to choose some keywords optimization difficulty words to do, to come back to do some high index word after these words do go up, there is.

we see a keyword how competition can bring flow is not only can feel the line, often through some authoritative data analysis and conclusion, in Shanghai dragon world, love Shanghai index tool will give us the choice of keywords provided a good reference, through this tool we can know how the light index of keywords, which is how many daily search volume, the love of Shanghai included how, in this way, the word can quickly make up at a glance in the webmaster in mind, of course, mining tools not only love a Shanghai index, as well as the choice of love stand nets Webmaster Tools keywords index analysis is your good.

moderate difficulty

many people put the site keywords as well all the network marketing, because only when the site keywords ranking up, there will be more people through the search engine came to our site, site traffic what to say, but how to put the site key words to do! Want to put a keyword on the home page is a very long process, need to have a strong executive power, and to choose the appropriate site keywords on the site before the line is also very important! Here I come to the ultimate way to share a few keywords website selection.

3, keywords and website content between

analysis of competitors in the same industry often can offer great help to the website to choose keywords, because it is the same industry, so our business scope are similar, the choice of keywords is almost the same, we can use the same industry to analyze out better website, see how they choose their keywords. Keywords collecting and then through keyword analysis tool to eliminate some inappropriate words, the useful to stay, of course, in the choice of these words is to see how the competition ranking, and then through the analysis of the comprehensive strength of the competition website, see their website ranking can not go beyond the competitors, but also great degree can also be seen that the optimization of these keywords difficulty.

index analysis tool

to do what the industry will choose what kind of keywords, this is our usual practice, we must focus on the theme of the site to choose keywords after determining the site theme, theme and site keywords should not differ too far, this violates the principle of relativity, the user through your keywords to the site after it was found that the content of the website he doesn’t want to, this website is no help to the user, so that the site is strongly opposed to love Shanghai, love is the object of attack in Shanghai.

1, rival keywords selection and ranking

4, select the difficult words DaTouZhen

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