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this is probably one of the reasons why the site appears more on the most common snapshot. The content of the quality first we talk about the site, as the daily updates, is not to say that as long as the daily updates can, in fact this is very particular, update the contents of the best can stand in the user’s point of view, to content to the user’s eye update. So what users love the contents of this? You can get through the analysis of the background data users want, as shown below, only provide your customers the content they want, to make your site to get more long-term development, and get the trust of the search engine, to update the time and the frequency we can also analyze the background data, updated in the user access to the largest amount of time, users can get more timely and fresh content. But as long as a good grasp of the details of these words, I believe there is a stable snapshot is not a difficult thing.

analysis of user love content


: site server problems

want to make your site have a good ranking in the search engine, then you must go along with the search engine rankings, you must make your love mechanism more in line with the search engine, and one of the key factors of the value of search engine judgment site is the server can run normally, when your site can not run normally, the search engine does not need to crawl naturally what. Do the site of Shanghai dragon should first have a stable server, a normal search engine to the site assessment period is to test whether the normal operation of the site. If the server is not stable, the site effect is huge. As shown below, the recent Web server has a problem, not sleepy Unicom or Telecom Access timeout, and this has deeply affected the site’s user experience and ranking of keywords, and the update site snapshot included.

three, a chain site right down, resulting in our site received a

joint involvementWe can not at all >

often feel helpless and tangled snapshot of a thing is the site of the lagged webmaster, can not keep up. Go to the source, the cause of the snapshot can not keep up with many. But the author thinks that the main reason is from the site itself is not updated regularly. If the site can be updated frequently and frequency, site does not appear snapshot delay, release the spider crawling, the content is very timely.




two, website content quality, update frequency of

analysis of users typically access time


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