Three strategies to solve the difficulties in the construction of the local website content

we all know, there is a demand will have a conversion rate, will flow, and on a local website users, they are the most direct demand is the demand of life. Local website a home to local users, we should try to do the "parents" responsibility, provide some valuable information, close to their life and information for the user. For example, recently what delicacy festival or shopping festival such activities will be launched, we can find the information, and then released to the Internet, let more users know the existence of these activities, if our information timely, accurate and comprehensive enough enough, users can also obtain the corresponding user satisfaction you will be more love this place on the web site, more intense sense of belonging.

feelings, is an eternal topic, love, affection, friendship and so on, people for the emotional topic is of considerable interest. The local webmaster should seize the user of this psychological, to carry out a special edition to edit some articles about emotional or content. Can also be arranged to the emotion classification, such as love of a section, a section of the family, thus allowing the user to vent their emotions by browsing the web content, can resonate with them. The webmaster can according to the site itself and the local specific conditions to set their own, but also described here.

people are concerned about the current love in life, as a local website, first of all should meet the demand of people. Local news as close to the user’s life, so many users are willing to pay attention to the webmaster should use the user psychology, to some news on the web mining some of the local news, try to choose the most popular, the most popular, best with unique insights on some of his own, should also be specialized open a comment module, allowing users to speak freely, it can effectively enhance the activity of this website.

: the first choice to fill popular local news website

local websites in China although there is a certain degree of difficulty, but at least understand this action can let you have more ideas to create web content, but also hope that each local website owners can really build up let users love >

third: to be able to touch the user emotional topic of content to do

second: find people living close to the information and information


local website of a gradual rise in the recent years, many of them are doing more hot, more successful, but there are also many local websites because of the lack of valuable content and No one shows any interest in. There are many owners complained to the author, the local website construction is very troublesome, I also have this problem and explore them for a long time, but also through the practice of three from this place to solve the problem of construction site, and the following is to share.

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