Shanghai dragon UE joking

1, abandon the enterprise news: enterprise stand the love have a industry news section, but the user is to read the news? In fact, more is to update the site, in order to Shanghai dragon. The news section can be replaced with product instructions or precautions section, so no matter from the user experience or Shanghai dragon angle than news much better, besides the general enterprises which have so many business news.

UE is not the us sometimes we will most probably it did not actually happen, make a mistake: if I were a user, I would do what. But the fact is that you are not an ordinary user, you can go to experience the most essential needs of ordinary users. How to get the user experience data? One popular method: questionnaire survey.


you according to the first user to develop a detailed questionnaire, this is not so easy to do it. The design requires you to reconsider, see many large websites have a "user suggestions" section, or cut off time will let you fill out a questionnaire. Of course, if there is no good, a lot of people are not to waste their precious time. So in the above write: "fill in responses may participate in the lucky draw" etc.. However, this step will also encounter many problems, for example: you are enterprise station, want to have a questionnaire survey. And want to find their own users on the Internet or in reality, these problems are imminent. But if you want to develop the electronic commerce, must first study the user click behavior. Deep understanding of user needs and user consumption habits.

2, don’t let the user see many hospital websites make several online customer service system, the author had a >

second: UE

Internet is a kind of media, the website is just a tool to provide services. Through the provision of services or value-added services revenue, web UE how to do? How to analyze user data? How to screening? Only analysis these data to design web page and website according to the demand of the function. A continuous test modified process needs to be here, to say how to do UE? I think this is really not good to talk. But the industry can have a reference, the importance of UE is not only to be of great advantage more website ranking is the base of electronic commerce, website. For enterprise website UE, the author thinks that we should pay attention to the following points:

First: how to get UE

UE (user experience) is the Shanghai dragon Er every day about the topic, almost everyone’s talking about improving the user experience. Listen to seem to be very profound, for customers or newbies. UE is too profound to be understood Dongdong, is actually very simple. UE is to let users cool stuff, users happy, nature will come next. Has been shouting: "to improve the user experience, but really very empty, because there is no practical experience. UE is not the user experience since it is most probably it did not actually happen. We cannot do without the user, all the user centric.

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