Share with the exclusion to solve the problem of Shanghai love website snapshot experience

link removed a few days, a snapshot of the site or stay in July 28th does not move. Exclude the Links problem, also asked some webmaster friends, their analysis may be this time to stop the development of chain. Does this time because of work reasons, there has been no website for the chain. In order to make the site snapshot back to normal as soon as possible, I can only do the chain from time to time at work. For a few days, the site remained motionless, this put me bad.

website in the on-line, love Shanghai snapshot has been normal, is the next day. However, in August 3rd, 442’s live snapshot suddenly returned to July 28th. Because before the snapshot is too normal, so this snapshot correction makes me worry.



finally, only a dead horse for horse medicine. Modify the web page title, keyword and description, hoping to draw the attention of the spider love Shanghai to your home. A day later, when I site home again, the tragedy happened in the expected. Before July 28th the home page snapshot, snapshot directly is not. After the discovery of this result, I will immediately home page title, key words and description changed back.

After the

problem, but first find out the reasons, to solve the problem. I do not really understand Shanghai Longfeng, just often visit Adsense nets to see related articles, learn the experience of sharing out, there is a very abstract understanding of Shanghai dragon theory.

Since the

live from 442 line to now has more than half a year, the website PR value directly from 0 rise to 5, for me is a great encouragement.

is not linked, and basically is not the cause of the chain. It will be what causes the snapshot? Because 442 live now the program already shared two friends, one with the program website on-line in August 2nd. The details of note.


due to another site before I met because the server installation hard and affect the effect of spider love Shanghai included, this time I also considered the live where it is 442 server installed hard. Asked the dealer’s customer service, customer service said the web site server is not installed hard, this reason also ruled out.

based on their past experience to solve the snapshot problem, first from the Links. After the examination of the Links website recently found that several different degree was in love with the sea K, have included the number dropped, some even directly home page snapshot is gone. In order to save the snapshot, I can only take away the first few links. In this one said, Links out of the station to explain the situation, believe that pile is understandable, so at least to ensure that after the two sides have returned to normal after the site can continue cooperation.

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