Sand the site is to fall in love with a few reasons into the sandbox Hella

some of the love Shanghai algorithm is not very understanding of love in the webmaster website stack keywords, yes, although early keywords do will have good rankings, some even do the keyword page, but this ranking is not long, but also bring the side effect is not the site is down right, is the love of Shanghai pulled into the sandbox, so if not necessary, not to the point of May is best not to easily change the website or web site keywords stack


webmasters are directly copy and paste, rarely stop slightly modified, thus leading to the content of the web site the high repeatability, if in a few years ago but fortunately, because at that time the site is not how much, if the webmaster in how to copy and paste is not what, but now people do stand many websites, even if there is no original content must be reproduced content changes collected, in order to achieve the pseudo original effect, so that it will not be as long as love, is located in the waste site, will not be punished

!The first reason itself has no weight!

) website optimization excessive, not to mess with the chain is to use the tools group


no matter what search engines are not love a constantly changing web site, and the love of Shanghai is no exception, so we have no new sites in what weight before the best don’t change it, especially the keywords and template is not easily changed, otherwise it will be to love Shanghai punishment, light is the site down right or ranking it is the site of heavy fall, pulled into the love Shanghai sandbox, you can’t find your site in the search for

conclusion: if your site into the sandbox love Shanghai do not be discouraged, because although the late love Shanghai will put it out, so the webmaster as long as the patient, and then according to the usual.

) repetitive content is too high, fell in love with the sea as junk

love Shanghai!

is also love Shanghai snapshot of the next day, the content is also included, but why in the normal search can not find their own website website? If you encounter this situation, so the sand to tell you only regret, your website is likely to be in love with Hella into the sand box. There may be some novice webmaster do not know what is love love Shanghai Shanghai sandbox sandbox with Google sandbox is similar, it is simply your website will be updated, but in the search to find, then why website will enter the sandbox to love Shanghai? It is to sum up the sand for several reasons the webmaster can refer to

!Third reasons

) site change range is too large, in addition to what

! !Second reasons

also pulled into Shanghai, the site of love sandbox is likely to use Adsense chain group tools, like this cheating behavior is not love love Shanghai, love Shanghai spider encounter this kind of cheating will make certain punishment, light is temporarily not update your website released snapshot, weight is the K station or pull you into the sandbox, so webmaster in website optimization must pay attention to

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