The enterprise to Shanghai dragon popular keyword optimization


Why small and medium-sized enterprises to build How to look at the

source: 贵族宝贝968068贵族宝贝/660.html: please indicate the wind tears Shanghai dragon » key words to Shanghai Longfeng necessity of optimization

keyword optimization, if you have to have sex in Shanghai for promotion expenses on hand, they have to tell the truth by using optical optimization have little effect, general website optimization is false to a large amount of time and energy to do, do well may also directly pull the black, with the optimization of website construction good website promotion effect might be better. Keywords optimization for enterprises is quite necessary, therefore the enterprise also needs the specialized recruitment special commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng operators.

we recently on the website optimization ranking up, there is no better than what I like, our network is "tears of Shanghai dragon in the wind" after several months of efforts to the home page, a time keyword optimization "website construction" has been ranked in the top 10, although we say the website keyword is not difficult but not easy to do, there are many such sites in the local, to know Shanghai Longfeng this industry is the construction site, so almost everyone know how to optimize your website, from our company to the website keyword optimization ranking to the top few, though some telephone but can be said to be almost 0 of turnover, while the optimized website, our company also opened Shanghai love for advertising, indeed for the love of Shanghai promotion effect is obvious, A month later analysis click on the record, found mostly through the love of Shanghai advertising click come in, even if our company website optimization ranking top 4 has no hits. So choose the network companies to consider several factors

, a popular website to do optimization is very difficult, but also must be done, there is hope, and this is whether it is necessary to hold the door for some competitive keyword optimization

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for enterprise website, have no argument, then the construction site, the relevant keywords Chinese enterprise, is also a need to continue to optimize the Shanghai dragon

not really at the home front is empty, before we give a hospital customer website when asked if they want to do optimization, then the customer denied, said such a sentence "people do promotion, I do optimization work?", the customer was a veteran of him it is clearly a popular keywords that you do not use what optimization. By optimizing several rankings, but the real ranking is 8 in the following, we all know that a customer to search your site keywords, the first time the first 8 to 10 are based on the bidding advertising to row up, you absolutely no effect optimization.


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