Taobao news chain link spam scam you dare to buy

this is a small pro test, searching for news on behalf of the chain in Taobao, open a shop, see them on behalf of case, to see a lot of exception:

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there have been such a sentence: "content is king, the chain for the emperor!", Shanghai dragon industry chain was born, many owners to improve their website weight, get better ranking, buy the chain, and this behavior is to fall in love with the sea cheating, with the escalation of the search engine algorithm, break money chain to buy a really useful? As early as last year (2015), Shanghai super love chain algorithm comprehensive upgrade, after the upgrade algorithm can better identify the site of the chain of garbage, and automatically filter out those it considers the garbage the chain.

1: with three W domain with three W domain name site is different, you can also say a domain name two station! It seems that these businesses will really cost budget kazakhstan.

news on the chain is not real news outside the chain, only they are raising their own station group

random open the article, said the Xinjiang earthquake at first, frighten the baby, think really, the love Shanghai, the original truth here! And carefully you will find that the categories are wrong, businesses can do after

so far, the truth has come to light, suggest that you buy the chain need to be cautious! The rich brother A5 the first WeChat public number: the rich brother Mark (fuqqyy)







2, the website shows the content and does not conform to the site title:



3, it is junk content:



Shanghai algorithm

read the above paragraph, do you think the chain bought it to optimize the ranking results? I see Taobao news on behalf of those secret on the chain

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