One of the shortcut of website optimization; competitor analysis site

4. PR

analysis of competitors website size second is according to the website PR, said PR has not taken seriously, but a lot of keywords in the top or high PR website.


5. site outside the chain


has been the news link is the site optimization personnel do not pay attention to, but the Kunshan sail Shanghai dragon that news links from high weight website credibility, news website link to the website can to some extent improve website weight, good website optimization ranking.

Analysis of

6. news

search engine on a website like see the search engine for speed, speed that snapshot site content and site weight obtained by search engine.


analysis of the competition website according to the size of the first is the website ranking, ALEXA ranking is based on the ALEXA browser toolbar on the website traffic statistics web site traffic and give the ALEXA ranking, website traffic ranking only as a reference, not the site of real traffic. ALEXA ranking fuzzy site is divided into 369, the website optimization ranking to the reference ALEXA size illustrates the significance of competition website.


website is the chain search engine ranking important factors no doubt about it, so the analysis of competitors is to analyze the size of Web site outside the chain number and quality of the chain.

through the above ways we in the same industry website simple, take the essence to its dregs.

Website Ranking Ranking

3. search engines

search engine included one hundred papers and ten thousand papers indexed by a few poor grades, refers to the competition website size, is a must.

today Kunshan sail Shanghai dragon new methods put forward their own rival site size, and had some access method. For the website optimization, a keyword in the search engine ranking results that website competitor analysis and optimization of the process must be for the web site. Before the competition website analysis method is to look at the search engine included the number, website search engine weight, the number of the website chain, website update speed, website snapshot time etc.. But these methods sail in Kunshan Shanghai dragon really beg to differ.

search engineThe The 2.

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