love mules technology plays in Shanghai dragon’s role

a lot of people say that the program is not important, do Shanghai dragon is simply not used to program, indeed, but I’m sure that understand the program than the program do not understand Shanghai Longfeng advantage, a few examples of search engines for web crawling and ranking are controlled by the program, if you understand the program, you can better understand the search engine to know his strengths and weaknesses, many think impassability place can conclude, I do not specifically say; there are a lot of people will understand the procedure to develop their own small software and gadgets, if you understand Shanghai Longfeng, will develop software, do a lot of places Shanghai Dragon will increase N times the efficiency, a lot of people say that the software is now everywhere, you can buy, but for the people know that any one of Shanghai dragon tools are difficult for 100% Yourself, there will be many feel is not ideal, the Shanghai dragon is not good, but there is no way, but, you know, with the more general software, die quickly; and some Adsense write plug-ins, a few months a stationmaster net of a Shanghai Dragon Phoenix one person game is to use this trick, finally obtain what kind of result is not for me to say it. This text just want to say that people know a program under which has the advantages that the webmaster do not have.

as far as I know, there are many people even the basic CMS are less likely to use, even modify the website template are not alone, you are not too will Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon level is very good even if you do, you need the function can’t do it, that Everything is nothing. I often hear some webmaster said, technology is not fine, pay for the good people do it, but you know, the general website is difficult step, to make adjustment slowly later, you can’t always find someone else to do, and what effect you want, only you most clearly, others can never do the most with your standard look like that.

preparatory work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is mainly in the station optimization, in the station optimization is mainly templates, website structure, inside chain settings, URL settings, sometimes also need to optimize the performance of the server, and the collection, security and other issues, and some details of the operation, all in all, are in need of technology enough to complete, if not at all, it is your nightmare station optimization.

as far as I know, the real Shanghai Longfeng do good people are not bad to go, at least at least are familiar with a CMS, you want to achieve the effect of. Can say, Shanghai Longfeng, technology need not programmers that level, but a little be unworkable.


in each big Wangzhuan training have hit 0 0 based technology can make the slogan, more and more people hold the dream of getting rich amateurs flocked to the industry, often see some new people will not do this, that won’t do, but also worry about making money. Do not understand a technology really can do Shanghai dragon, can really make money? Do not know how you want to make the reader, at least I don’t really agree.

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