How to avoid the website optimization Website snapshot can not keep up

network optimization are know, only the site updated snapshot, every day there are new included, so the site can grow up healthily, will continue to increase the weight of the site. We see the network optimization is the site every day to be included, so we will be at ease, understand their own efforts and hard work have not been in vain. A snapshot of the site included normal will give us a little more comfort. Imagine a fisherman from morning to evening every day, with the boat adrift, only to hit more fish, but I hope throw it off the net, and each time the empty put away the nets, air flow to enjoy watching the lake, but could not see the fish. The forehead is sweating, anxious eyes, anxiety. But at the end of the empty net, some empty Lake bath, a sigh, standing motionless, seems to look away without a word. Disappointed, and believe that we do website optimization, these now see our website snapshot for a long time can not be updated when the scene and the old fisherman in the same mood. We must have a deep sigh and is disappointed, and said so much, then how to make the site snapshot fast included, keep pace with the times. In fact, do occur daily snapshot of the site included, and not so difficult, the method and experience of what I do for everyone to share.

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to achieve the website snapshot update included as soon as possible. I think it must respect mainly is to do, soft, the chain and site security and stability work. A website should have good soft support, the chain is essential. The stability of website security and website cornerstone. Then the following specific analysis. The first is about the soft soft, I want to say is, soft updates regularly, updated every day at the same time, so that a search engine will think you do very practical, will be on time to collect your information every day. However, the premise is the website update must focus on the original text. Even if not original must do false original, to head to tail to modify, so it is a very good article. So the engines will think you this is a very good and will be included. The number of soft Wen is updated every day, does not require too much advice, one to two article can, after all, the original soft can not so easily do.

we do these optimization long time Shanghai dragon who get up every day and update snapshot is often the first thing to check their site. When I see your site included, always feel satisfied, quietly rejoiced. But when one day suddenly found their website has snapshot stay in a few days ago, no signs of change, whether we are anxious, secretly sad, what is it, these days are all the work of white do. I believe the face of website snapshot can not keep up, a lot of website optimization Shanghai dragon Er have the experience, perhaps every website optimization, which all must experience honed. So the website optimization how to do to avoid a snapshot of the site to keep up with

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