Material night think January Shanghai search ranking algorithm to observe the change of love

1. Observation of some local industry website, the title is similar, such as the Talent Network Talent Network in the first place, then the city and County Talent Network Recruitment network, or other personnel network. On the main keyword ranking first involves many aspects, the change is not obvious. From the start of the third, fourth words, there is some interesting phenomenon, love Shanghai ranking and target keyword search at each station in the title sequence is basically the same. As a search target keywords, the title of a station on the third, B station on the fifth, then a station may in front station B. Especially love Shanghai for long title taken in front of the ellipsis to grab, the performance is more obvious. You can watch.

The diversity of The optimization effect of

We have some 0598

3. free blog weakening. Our 0598 talent network service for the job of friends, in the NetEase launched a Fujian business unit recruitment network blog, a few months ago has been ranked in the top five, at least in the home, after 6 of the first five pages can not see the shadow. At the same time, the use of blog to do some long tail keywords ranking has declined, the effect is not as good as the original. Recently, blog traffic decreased significantly. Only the patient waiting for the next update, it would not take turns to Feng shui.

talent network navigation station, second-hand secretary, hand, and like any grassroots webmaster, every morning to start the first thing is to look at the main keyword ranking, sometimes want to stay in bed cold holding mobile phone watch. No way, the ranking is traffic, traffic is silver. However, in the arena, who is not a knife, so he had to carefully and diligently every day, always on tenterhooks, looking forward to the next time there will be a good harvest. Through the observation of a month, here to love Shanghai ranked trend experience discussed several points:

2. page ranking continued to strengthen. Agree with the views of some webmaster, love Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience, pay more attention to the diversity of search results, often to love Shanghai love Shanghai Encyclopedia of their products as the dividing line, before ranking unchanged, after the rankings change every day, there is a day when all changes several times. This gave second page website home page into opportunities, on the other hand also increased the difficulty of the ranking website.

The weight of the title of the website increased

4. level domain name more obvious advantages. Some of the original heritage sites to seize the county territory, have through the establishment of two level domain name or two directory in the form of open county sub station. In actual operation, and achieved good results in a longer period of time, some directly ranked first. With the development and popularization of the computer network of each county, around the grassroots entrepreneurial network joined the army, where sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke. Relying on its local resources and information advantage, after a year or so before, gradually broke out, many websites entered the top three, even the first. Sometimes we are in discussion, is not to be pre emptive, each to the local city "

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