Network marketing new regulations implemented this month will not continue to be capricious


network promotion new regulations implemented this month, will not be allowed to set up a "supplier of promotional refundable deposit, the pre-sale for seven days no reason to return and other restrictive conditions; since the implementation of the new" food safety law ", the individual terms of operators into a shield, consumers worried about the obstacles to consumer rights; through the" intermediary "Car Buying the purchase index of others, due to the sale of standard debt vehicles seized by the court, the vehicle license trade secret risk index. Every day 315 focus on consumer complaints hot this week.

central broadcasting network Beijing on October 10th news according to voice of the economy "day 315" report, National Day just passed, netizens began to expect once a year "double eleven big promotion electricity supplier, although there is a month’s time, but the electricity supplier who has entered a state of readiness. I remember last year "double eleven", Tmall stores to start the pre-sale promotion, but express "Tmall pre-sale does not support 7 days no reason to return service", "double eleven" this year, the electricity supplier who I am afraid not so capricious.

days ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Provisions" on goods and services network promotion activity management, which clearly stipulates that large electricity providers to promote, if there are "pre-sale refundable deposit, do not enjoy the 7 days no reason to return and other restrictions, or fictitious transactions, first re sale price behavior will be subject to heavy penalties. In addition, also requires third party trading platform, it should be carried out to monitor the activities of its businesses to monitor and control, once the illegal behavior should be promptly reported and take measures to stop. In addition, even promotional gifts, but also in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to provide three packs of services. The new regulations from the beginning of this month.

how should we look at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued new regulations in this regard, the network promotion? The Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, Professor, vice president of Chinese Consumer Association Liu Junhai and Grand Hyatt Beijing lawyer Cao Fenglin to carry out the relevant analysis and interpretation.

Liu Junhai: network to promote the new regulations have three advantages, first, it allows consumers to rest assured consumption, happy consumption. Second, it is conducive to regulate the behavior of electricity supplier. Now some bold business will design some sensational advertising, instead of making the sale amount of honest business has decreased, after the network promote new regulations, all electricity providers can compete fairly in a starting line. Third, it is conducive to enhance the credibility of the trading platform, to promote the new regulations to the third party trading platform to raise a wake up, if it does not discipline, it must be punished. Therefore, whether it is from the protection of consumers, or from the norms of business operators and strengthen self-discipline trading platform, the new regulations have a very far-reaching significance.

voice of the economy: as the deposit is not refundable, the sale of goods does not apply seven days no reason to return and other conditions are not limited to the terms of overlord


Liu Junhai: these conditions are clearly King terms, is invalid and unfair format terms. There are four manifestations of the terms of the king, the first is to exclude the interests of the consumer’s core demands; the second is to increase consumption >

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