Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform how to quickly screen out the garbage chain


was screened out, you can choose the batch refuse chain, every time you can add 1000 categories, you can choose "site"! If you want to choose the "domain", so we can replace the function of Excel, the "www." to replace the

on the line!

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside the analysis function, so that we can clearly see our website for the chain, the chain of garbage also provides a reject function. But if the chain of the tens of thousands of data, we could not go to see a. Of course, enterprises and individual normal station station general, the chain is not so much. But there is a situation that, if you contribute some information platform or video website issued outside the chain, then some garbage collected, repeated collection, this time, you will find that your chain growth is 90 degrees of growth. So when the number of the chain is very large, how fast we screened? This paper will share a small series of their own, if you have a better way to exchange


then, we select the A column, using Excel table to repeat function, remove duplicate table. Then we put the rest of the A column which copy the URL below, using the "sonata tool" inside "love Shanghai included ranking query function can detect the URL batch header, and then download the form, see the title is involved in pornography is copied into another form, it can quickly screen out of garbage outside the chain of




in this way, we can get a "/" delimited form, that is to say we can get a link to your website URL two domain name or a domain name.

3, in the form of choice among the link to your site URL "column, copied to a TXT file, and then use Excel to open the txt file (see note: use WPS, office as it should be, not tested):


2, download the chain data table, we can see the details of the chain.


The chain


do not know if you have what good method. Another problem is that the chain data Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, from time to time will be updated once again, this time we need to filter junk >

1, we look at my site outside the chain growth, I could not send so much of the chain, mostly stations outside the chain of my collection.

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