The server log can transfer what information to Shanghai dragon er

Visit the

3. page contains

only know our website content? What page information by love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor, the total number of visits, residence time, the higher the amount, average grab to grab the page, but also can know the spider crawling and active, so as to analyze is not conducive to the spider crawling the page again to modify prepare the next spider comes to be crawled by.


server log can give Shanghai Longfeng information from Er are:

server log, we can know the spider included what pages indexed pages are also included? What information? Included in this information, what is good? What needs to be adjusted? What pages repeated? Page containing dead links, if any, this time need to put these unfavorable factors to delete off.

4. page back status code

generally speaking, a site visit time peak, also have low tide, the so-called peak is like the cars on the road, the general morning time and work time congestion, this web page is the same, put some important information on the site visit in general before the arrival of the peak.

said that although the weight is difficult to change the directory is higher, but the success is the success of the premise to set the directory of the website, the server log can know what the spider love list? What directory crawling depth? What directory is shallow? Or what directory doesn’t want to crawl and so on, for some important the directory page here need to adjust, transfer more weight.

2. web site directory

, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion is cannot do without information, one of the most important information is the server log, log not only make us do the webmaster can see Shanghai dragon is when things, while optimizing on the website of the plays an important role and significance. So what can the server log favorable information to Shanghai Longfeng

?The station?

5. capture time


1. can clearly understand the love of spiders in Shanghai times, every hour of the day visit frequency, residence time, included the amount of information

server can log what information is passed to Shanghai dragon Er

A large amount of information on the Internet is


website are normal status codes are inextricably linked, for example, visit the web site the status code is 200, which is a normal visit spider is 200, it normally does not matter, generally do not show, but if it is 404, or 403 of the 404 is what to do. Know if the 403 one can not see, so you need to timely treatment, lest the site is down right or loss of weight.

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