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then, please go to the company to do some sharing, talk about the project, internal evaluation, this is reasonable.

start from today, from now on, don’t waste your time on what friends, chat, vegetables on, since the Internet, that the Internet time, why don’t you take the time to make a career out of it, are we still fitter than

at that time, students who saw Internet resources became super CEO today.

a meeting, a room of strange people take notes, you are also embarrassed to ask, this is what department, it seems that all otaku sister, not like foreign cooperative business personnel ah.

also has a similar, investment institutions into giants, this is also common, but more cruel, you make a small investment projects, fineness, departments and business departments to the giant, said to your products very interested, considering the depth of cooperation, strategic investment, and even purchase what, let you feel just a step away from the small target.

network business to investigate the good direction, as long as you have decided, do not arbitrarily change, adhere to their beliefs, we will succeed. I do think this Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, a long-standing, but the real development is in 2008, after it is known as the Bux tide rise, after the tide of a higher standing up, you caught? I missed the best time, but I think this for me, this is a feeling from now too late, this kind of website ranking 1-2 PR value but also 3-4, said to have been grown up too early!


, as we said before, if you have an idea and don’t have the executive power, then you just have to watch others get up.

no one thought, 6-7 years ago, computer students will only play the Internet online games, and now will be so developed.

you create a good project, started the momentum fortunately, investors are looking for you to say, very interested in your brief encounter, talk, then the valuation is reasonable, TS signed a good operation of your data, your experience, your skills, experience, business secrets to you and without reservation to the other side of the display. Then, then, after a long time, there is no following, you go to ask, oh, this is really embarrassed, the company decision-making adjustment, financial audit adjustment, what this this, anyway, do not vote.


we also know that startups often encounter the challenges of giants and big companies, and they often also Shan Zhai some new products. This kind of challenge and competition is normal. You know, you need to have some advantages of your own.

meeting, to leave good impression, a variety of operational skills, a variety of product characteristics, a variety of user experience, you don’t listen to, this group of Indoorsman sister home quite professional, designed to pick up the details of a question, you said in your heart, it is more professional than the giant, investors, is knowledgeable.

network wealth vast, whether you seize which one will make you wealthy, the sky still needs to be developed, but need your wisdom.

suddenly, you find a big adjustment of product competition of the company, with your model, details of your strengths, almost as like as two peas, the whole family secrets copy, you had to pay the tuition, tread pit people from the whole, to check the data, as expected, the investment institutions investment.

The development of

CEO Helen of Troy Jiayuan, when reading a graduate student can’t do in Shanghai "by Dreamweaver, the Helen of Troy just for their marriage and access to the Internet, when she saw the China Internet dating sites is not perfect, so to understand the network of female dragons to see the opportunities, they set up a special learning network knowledge the need for the marriage service website, the achievements of today jiayuan. The wide in should be greatly famous. His founder Guo Jijun is a graduate of technical school fitter, when he buy a birthday gift for his girlfriend are inadequate, their own websites from the Internet to change Guo Jijun established, by virtue of his efforts is just a navigation station can also make was 300 thousand, for the network the tycoon is not much, but for Guo Jijun, with his wife to travel while the station is enough.

‘s heart tied?.

Abstract: investors, giant business cooperation and investment sector, entrepreneurs set information, this behavior is actually quite common, of course, to be honest, if you say they are a set of information, there may be some really wrong, but in the decision-making process, it is prone to this the problem.


said today is not the point, said today is cut to the heart, all have a real case, of course, did not dare to call, their condemnation is good.

this, do not vote, do not vote, trading, not adults, in love, and continue to do their own thing.


networks today is not like before, all kinds of Web sites and many types are innumerable, have made the portals, like Admin5, 265, 163 of these websites have already in their own areas to form a brand, they want to go beyond is very difficult, such as entrepreneurship is no longer so easy to leave me, not much chance the. But think about why so many outsiders have achieved success. Why do so many college students accomplish nothing, although college students have a wider network of knowledge than those who do?. Maybe it really should be a phrase, poor change and it will pass, general solution, the kind of talent will go into college students, once found a stable job, want to say the network business has been very difficult to give others the opportunity.

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