Do these 4 points to make your website to keep a good ranking

in my opinion, stability than speed to more important! Of course, the site open speed is not slower than a snail! Personally think that the domestic Ping value within 100ms, the foreign Ping value within 250ms is acceptable! Then someone asked, the speed is fast why not, domestic? Many people with foreign space, because no record, because now than two years ago for trouble; it is less restrictive, I said a classic example of a friend in the blog wrote "I need a separate server, the the space, because of the emergence of" Taiwan independence. "This sensitive words to put off the site…

here I put the site title, keywords and description is! Here I said stable structure is not to say that can’t change the website. But not a wide range of changes and can’t frequent changes, so in the site’s ranking is bad! The same site title, keywords and description, also cannot frequent changes, if often changes not only will drop rankings, or even a home page is the K! Which is the title of the site so that the new station! In the search engine submission to the website, must take the title and structure design of disposable, do not frequently change! Many webmasters will have a habit is in the server’s website backstage directly to the source code, this change the change, this is very bad, because the one-time change and

3. stable website content

The stability of the ?Site structure of stabilized

2. stable high-speed server

webmasters often ask: why yesterday’s website ranking in the home, check again today when ranking can not find… Or is the ranking is not stable, often change? First of all the impact factors of Shanghai Longfeng are many, such as: server, website structure, website content, website chain and so on, so there must be a stable ranking, the first condition is to ensure that these factors of Shanghai dragon it is stable! How to get a stable ranking

the content of the web site is to keep a stable update frequency! Many stations to love the original article, every time to write an article, or false original, is not to reprint the article! I feel no need, first of all I think, update the site should be the starting point of our users, not search engines so today! Content for readers a best original articles to a very natural, not content.

server is really very important, do not believe you try, the site closed for two or three days, ranking immediately away! At the same time there is a problem Links! I remember I have a stand above Links more, the question off the server for two days, check up friendship when the link I became a one-way link… Because many webmaster have morning check of the chain, if your site isn’t open, he thought that you do not do a website or closing the link…

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