Check the registration of a trademark network optimization of the five deadly sins

the author implement company several websites in a Guangzhou trademark registration company, one of the key words for the Guangzhou trademark registration, trademark agency website optimization for a period of time, but the ranking is not fit to be seen. This is not the case of successful share, but for some review of the station. By now, the ranking of the site is still not optimistic, causes the author’s attention. The awareness of the need to reflect on, then what is the reason?


four, excessive page links lead to weight scattered

< > site is not enough attention

general trademark registration service company in addition to the scope of trademark registration, and other such as company registration, copyright registration and other services, therefore, in the title, the author doesn’t add these keywords in the title, the subject is too scattered, unable to get ranked.

Shanghai Longfeng

ranking unbearable, but the site still can get some traffic search engine. In the website, due to less traffic, each flow is very valuable for the website. But because the content is not high quality more, the author mostly updated some articles for trademark registration related news website. For a search for trademark registration in Guangzhou’s users, these articles did not mean much. So the general user’s interest in reading is not high, leading to the site out rate, PV and user retention time is not high.

five page recommends content over

everyone should learn to reflect on their own, so that they can find their own shortcomings, and then correct the error. So is Shanghai dragon, do well and continue to develop, and constantly find from their own shortcomings in the operation, it can make the site progress. On the more profound, more timely, so that the vitality of the site to evergreen.

due to the awareness of the importance of the original, so the beginning of the line started to rush for the site updated original articles on the site. But after all, the author in the past has been engaged in the work of website construction company website optimization, trademark registration leads to a serious lack of knowledge, therefore, in time to update the website content, usually by using the pseudo original method, and the quality can not see. Shanghai dragon is a versatile player, optimization of different industries should have a thorough understanding of the industry, so as to better understand the needs of users, to carry out the content update.


because of relatively large amount of information, in order to improve the site included, so the site within the chain home close to 200. As a result, included speed is achieved the second degree, but for a new station, would have accumulated some weight is not easy, but the weight of that little spread over a large number of pages to go, then the ranking unable to break through the bottleneck.

is lack of professional knowledge content can not cater to the needs of usersAlthough the


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