Guess the future which will be the focus of product search

before we have been emphasizing the humanity, and that humanity should be reflected in what areas? Yes, through the analysis of the industry, many companies have changed their feature set, and make it more practical, more easy to operate. But this is not all of humanity, I feel the future of humanity is to let users more involved in the presentation of search results or the information is no longer a one-way transfer to a search results you can through their own "top" and "like", optimize the ranking, rather than the so-called page optimization. And the user can be recommended according to the theme of love you, just like the 360 security guards as forms of interaction, so that more high-quality content to search through user communication.

elements of social interaction to increase the proportion of

both before and so on on-line search or the recent Facebook search map, we can see the future of search products, the proportion of social media will increase, which is not only considered from the search function, make it more humane, but also from the search content, more social content will make search results authenticity and the professional degree to improve a lot, it is necessary to search the meaning and join social media through their popularity and focus on user groups, to search the product itself is a kind of good.

Chinese segmentation technology to love Shanghai, or other company’s search technology, they give users a way to always be "as a unit, although in the supply of information and pattern is relatively regular, but often can not find what you really want the answer has been more and more friends complain, the search results are too scattered, the fine is not enough to show the disadvantages of" hungry, and in the future to the topic or view focus must be hot in this cloud and cloud map search on the front.

Although Shanghai has been claimed to love

information conveyed by one-way conversion for bidirectional

search ranking many times according to the intensity of the original, but the people all know this too.

will change the way to gather contentCompared with the

recently in the company we are summing up, end of year review, see you write something, most attention is focused on the point of feeling last year optimization and the change of the configuration of the environment, yes, since last June is indeed a tumultuous season, no matter how the outside world to optimize the industry, we all know a pure Shanghai dragon era has passed, we wait for the inevitable is a new kind of technology marketing + content + optimization. But when we think of what kind of method to search for good products better, why don’t we go to try to figure out what is the future of new products, and then make a plan, not better? Because the passive development must be missing a chance, but about the future direction of search products, I also have a few some of my thoughts.

original ecological system will get more attention

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