Don’t be content aggregation made the search results


3, looks with search characters URL.

is very strange, but these small, surface changes.


content page is through the web site is to have the internal content of re combination, but there are some websites on the Internet, the different themes of polymerization in a reasonable way together, to meet different users search habits. A certain point of view, the website is a kind of artificial search engine, we will be different for different site theme, with a polymeric way in front of the user.

2, if you use the

model satisfy these principles include CNET, Urbanspoon and Metacritic, see how they get content from other places, products and comments, and then aggregated content at the same time to increase the added value.


website alliance will make more strict content evaluation preparation, because the search results page of the page is one of the signatories to the search engine users of the most complaints.

would like to remind that the reproduced product descriptions, pictures and other website alliance website search engine has repeatedly been hit. In fact, even if you can avoid the algorithm best mopping up, or take into account the manual review. The basic principle is:

finally, noble baby guidelines recommend instead of trying to search results in the search results page, reference Matt Cutts nobility baby posts and comments. The noble baby statement, the search results for users usually do not "add value", while others argue that it is against the competition tactics. The website can put the search results into the list and classification / more valuable sub category login page. Some do so successfully restore the site rankings, get traffic from the noble baby.

2, make the page look like a query based on a list of links to other related web pages and no other content (present multi-dimensional way to increase a paragraph of text, picture or format, using the result looks like a detailed description of the format, similar to a Q pig station 贵族宝贝qzread贵族宝贝 related literature content aggregation, text and tag to add pictures.

, 4 page "l-lO" this content.

1, in the title tag or title page will be marked as "search results" or "results".

3, add a few comments, a sorting algorithm of smart tags, or automatically generated one or two lines of text filtering, simple aggregation or advertising, these small changes does not constitute a substantive value.

1, not simply reprinted from other places to find online content, unless you can add substantial value to the user, but does not infringe copyright.

essence, you should avoid the web page is search engine algorithm or an engineer or quality inspector as search results. Don’t:

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