Sun Peichang fell in love with the biggest search engine in the world is not ripe

this very love documentary "great nation" the love of Shanghai head, had a rising power analog love Shanghai, love Shanghai hope to become a leader of enterprise internationalization. Internationalization is the inevitable choice." Robin Li said in an interview, "after 15 years, love Shanghai’s income should be more than 50% from China outside."

love Shanghai to enter the world of

It is understood that

this is not the first time Robin Li said so. Since 2002, every year, Robin Li put forward the internationalization envisaged in the board of directors of the company, but was denied. Even to the end of 2006, Shanghai in China love success has been difficult to shake, the internationalization strategy question still can be heard without end.

two years ago, Shanghai began to love the pace of internationalization. At the beginning of last year, fell in love with the sea formally invested heavily to attack the Japanese market, and continue to increase investment, Li Yan.

according to the calendar year, Robin Li for the love of Shanghai is summarized: 2002, technology, love Shanghai search technology mature; 2003 years, traffic, traffic rose more than 7 times a year; 2004 years is the brand, love Shanghai has been widely recognized; 2005 is the annual revenue that year, love Shanghai successfully listed, and created Chinese capital myth in the United states. Next, Robin Li has accelerated the pace of internationalization of the love of Shanghai.

users around the world most search engines love Shanghai (NASDAQ:BIDU) has ushered in the opportunity. If the company maintain a growth rate of more than Yahoo within a year! (NASDAQ:YHOO), and create more profits. Love Shanghai second quarter revenue reached $528 million, compared to 10 year-on-year growth of 78.4%. Net income of $252 million, up 95%. Yahoo! Second quarter profit fell 5%, only $1 billion 128 million, net profit of 11% to $237 million. Love Shanghai stock price than the all-time high increased 6% over the past two years, prices increased by 300%.

digital display, love Shanghai very powerful

is unable to determine the market after 3 years of love Shanghai’s revenue will reach what level. Chinese now has more than 4.5 hundred million Internet users, and the number will reach 600 million in a year. Shanghai love potential users with noble baby use a lot of North America and Europe, and in the market Chinese incompetent nobility baby has been the annals. Love the Shanghai market will continue rapid growth, especially in the network market Chinese has such a large case.

three years ago, love is just a toy for Wall Street in Shanghai. In 2007 the sea only $239 million in revenue, only reached a standard American Internet Co income amount, while China is already the world’s largest Internet market. Investors have questioned why Shanghai love in such a good China market did not develop into a larger enterprise. Now all this is not a problem.

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