Shanghai dragon city have much effect on the second tier

the size of second tier city roleA second tier city of

, the Internet search habits

said, I think whether it is to do the Shanghai dragon or micro-blog marketing, blog marketing, BBS promotion, we have used to myself as a sales staff, this will make the effect more obvious, because the second tier city network is still relatively backward, the network popularization of knowledge is relatively late, all Internet people are habitual into local classified information website portal or local celebrity to find relevant information, because this information makes the second city residents trust, I remember some of my clients are found in the 58 city I, they said they generally will go to the 58 city to find what you want, that is not to say that there are 58 city we don’t need to do site optimization, of course not, when in fact we send information in 58 city can use the same basic method of Shanghai Dragon To write, such as title, description of the optimization, can also guide the target customers into our website to see all that Shanghai city of dragon is huge, but to see how you operate and implement. You can see my article: network promotion how to do promotion in the 58 city

Zhuzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Chao has been in Zhuzhou local optimization service website, love Shanghai keywords ranking, how to say, Zhuzhou should be half asleep in the Internet era, because Yang Chao and some customers through the channel, until the age of more than 40 people, down to the more than 10 year old man, I will be very habitual ask what they usually browse the website, the results, I found that older people find what will be on the 58 city (usually a second-hand house to rent things ah, ah, looking for our company and so on with some local consumption) and slightly to 20 year old people will find local portal website information so, Shanghai dragon

two, how to give the second city customers in Shanghai Longfeng effect monitoring

I met a very BT customers, he said I do not what is Shanghai dragon too big effect, but to be honest I gave him all he asked the website keywords do love Shanghai home, he and I said you can fall in love with the sea to search your business, can love in Shanghai home to search, but why still want to say no effect, I have discussed, and the clients he said: I’m a businessman, I want the immediate orders to return, he also said the local group purchase, bring a few orders, so I answered him: you put your information in group purchase online, want to know your products will also fall in love with the sea search your product is good, if not to search for words will not bring order, if you found out products are negative information That people will not consume, here, I can give you a brand promotion and marketing quiz, if reputation is good, can promote your orders in the group purchase online, this is the customer dumbfounded, hey, I think more, network promotion is more suitable for the second city of network marketing, and Shanghai Dragon Network >

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