Talk about how to set up efficient station anchor text map

some owners often have a common problem: it is widely believed that the number of better station anchor text. From the user experience point of view, the more the number of anchor text, it takes more users click, click on the face of the anchor text of many, will let users without, for example: if your site is a tourist site, you have a column page anchor text links the corresponding tourist attractions. But, in the navigation or content you set several such anchor text, so that the user will think this is three different hits, they really point into the same page, so users will be disappointed. Search engine from the point of view, the anchor text excessive number of spider crawling will have to spend more time, and in the process of crawling you will link to a more, so that a search engine will think that your site has suspected of cheating, this is not conducive to the overall site optimization, the anchor text number possible will lead to the search engine on the web right down.

station anchor text introduction page is most afraid of import page does not have relevance, many site anchor text into the page and the anchor text text is not unified. I have found the same problem in many websites, for example: if you A the anchor text in the text is Shanghai dragon, and your anchor text into the content of the page is auto exchange, this is irrelevant typical, is not in conformity with the correlation of the anchor text, the overall optimization of the website the constitute a bad situation. The author suggests that if the anchor text of your web site is Shanghai dragon, you import page will be if associated with Shanghai Longfeng content, so the search engine spiders can constitute a certain good, not as a search engine not included in your content pages.

two, anchor text within the station excessive number

station website anchor text is the sign of a maturing, the station anchor text more or less and head of the intelligence. There are many websites have set up a complete set of anchor text system, and in this set of system is the lack of a mark is not mature, the anchor text of many sites do not in place by a search engine drop right, and site anchor text too much influence to the whole power station, the the mature mark is webmaster can overcome.

when these immature mark effect when the coordinated development of the website must carry out rectification, in the process of renovation must overcome three major difficulties in the anchor text, anchor text is a correlation, the number two is three, the anchor text is the anchor text to guide the link, the establishment of the station the anchor text will need only the three difficulties have been overcome, then the entire website using anchor text has been in place, the anchor text system is a mature anchor text map.

, a set text link anchor text correlation

station derived anchor text is called the chain, in the whole system of the chain must be guaranteed.

three, the establishment of the station anchor text link system

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