Recommended found the love of Shanghai is searching for you when you home

members and non members of the search results from the difference, love Shanghai member login, search results still. So, this result is recommended for all users. Taking into account the browser, only see light suddenly.


love Shanghai is currently the most widely used search engine, in order to defend its position above the truth emerged. I am sure this is the phenomenon that appeared this week, there is no hint of this week. Now a lot of website optimization Shanghai Longfeng are to love Shanghai, now Baidu over such a move, improve user stickiness, but also good for Shanghai dragon, after all, Shanghai Longfeng mainly rely on search engines to eat. Tips: Although Shanghai dragon is very important, but the flow of how to retain customers is also very important. This trick Baidu is actually retain users, simply relying on the Shanghai dragon is not enough, must pay attention to the user experience. This paper is written by domand network 贵族宝贝zdomo贵族宝贝/ Feng Jiajuan, share and progress, please keep the link.


!At first I thought it was like Shanghai


three, Firefox love Shanghai search results;

two, IE browser love Shanghai search results;

The analysis report of


, a Shanghai love 360 browser search results;

analysis report in April this year, the browser usage can be found, ie has always been the mainstream, but followed by 360 browser, share up to 27.23%. From the results the browser can guess Baidu is definitely a major browser together, otherwise the results will not be so.

browser usage;Below is the

was looking for love in Shanghai suggest such phenomena, results in the search, suddenly found on page one more part, always feel strange. Comparing the next week shots, only to find this special. Don’t look really found out, you search found "recommended: the love of Shanghai for home? There are pictures and the truth!!!!! Love is to occupy the Shanghai Internet search:



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