The fourth generation search engine how to do the chain is the most effective

first, to enhance the confidence of the website in addition to the chain of high-quality and must consider the correlation of the chain, it is very important. If you do some related links, does not have any effect.

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love Shanghai algorithm (we launched Scindapsus called the fourth generation search), many webmaster confused, especially the construction of the chain lost, how to build the chain can be effective in the US? How to implement Shanghai Longfeng work? Today to personally experience their niche to combat we do a detailed explanation.

second, website optimization should be more high quality links, rather than the number of. The website chain should require is the quality and relevance of love, Shanghai, Google, or 360, are trying to improve the user experience, so the garbage chain has no effect on the website optimization. They pay more attention to the link is the high credibility of the site

again, the importance of the anchor site in the article. A very high value of the content of the article will be forwarded many websites, if this article with your internal links, so that a search engine will think your website and website content has a very high value, are of great help to your website ranking and weight weight! Bring your website reproduced more the higher the

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now if you do not find the direction of Shanghai dragon, may wish to set aside zero or one, density, weight, such as spiders. We have turned ordinary visitors into the site after what you are feeling, there is no easy to find yourself looking for things, see things there is help for us? We do these search engines have no reason not to give us a good ranking! Jobs is a typical representative attaches great importance to the user experience we do, the fourth generation of search engine optimization can be said to be gradually the essence of search engine (return user) the direction of his own website to make stronger, will naturally have a good performance in the search engine in this paper by the Tianjin wedding rental! (贵族宝贝yueyanhunsha贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please.

furthermore, the user’s browsing behavior by search engine website as one of the standard of judgment of value. Shanghai love sharing, statistics etc. these statistics content will be included in one of the search engine algorithm. If the two website ranking is not the same, after qualifying on the website hits if more than the top-ranking website, so that the user on the website ranking experience may be more than the first qualifying website, the website will exceed the front rank in a short period of time.

points above the search engine is the most important, we do completely from the user’s point of view, our website will have good ranking, search engine optimization algorithm of frequent changes, we have been adhering to the customer first the principle, we provide the user value, users help us reprint. The search engine will determine the value of our website or

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