How to deal with the impact of love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm for web site operators

users love to do In other words,

your site from the start position, is inextricably linked to the construction of localization and content, only in the basis of fully understanding the localization, the webmaster can choose the appropriate content to feed our users, the Fed actually has two meanings, one is the adequacy of the content. To provide users with sufficient rations, another is the food must be fine grain, rather than as in Luyao "ordinary world" that African food! And this two meanings corresponding website content is to make users love the content, so that users can only love to come to your website, you know to cultivate loyal users more key.

two, the original content is not desirable

grassroots webmaster has become more and more cannot do without love Shanghai, love Shanghai, with the establishment of market share of monopoly, the majority of grassroots webmaster has been kidnapped by the search engines love Shanghai, love Shanghai each algorithm update, will have a huge impact on the many webmaster, webmasters may become years of hard site the object of love against the Shanghai overnight, years of hard night returned to liberation. Is there a way to avoid the loss of this site encountered in the process of operation? Not without, but many owners are not willing to

shortcut !

, the content of

if you want to improve the quality of website content, the original is necessary, but now many webmaster in the original content of the construction that often there is a mistake in the Internet search to content is equal to the original, so have to look at the same type of foreign websites, and then use the Google webpage translation tool directly the contents of the Chinese foreign acquisition to their website, but this kind of translation tools out of the content is really foggy to see do not understand, the original content of this is clearly failing.

because after each love Shanghai algorithm updates, there will be a show, such as pomegranate algorithm description is the low quality of the page and the terminator, reason will launch pomegranate algorithm, its purpose is to purify the current messy Internet, causes these disorderly formation of Internet and the vast majority of the grassroots are not unrelated, many webmaster through a large number of acquisition, reprint, pseudo original, and the use of a large number of independent pop ads, and website core content, greatly damage the user experience, so the future trend will obviously love Shanghai algorithm to purify the network in the world, and the webmaster as long as the trend to do so, it will not be affected by love Shanghai algorithm update. The webmaster can deal with from the following aspects.

for those websites news type, if the site is the original obviously the possibility is very low, the time is not allowed, so the proper collection and reproduced is the essential method, hiring a ordinary editor or editors to do these simple things, every month to spend much money, original content for some column every day focus on the high quality of the website "

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