nfinite potential analysis of soft news from the L carnitine case

news article, Gu’s name is put with advertising in the major website. The characteristics of high reliability, in the effective propaganda website (product) at the same time, also can bring to the site outside the chain of high quality. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, soft news has been more and more attention in the industry, including online shopping, group purchase website, application of L-carnitine extensively. Let’s take a look at what are the features of news text.

due to the high weight website, in some popular keywords, the inside pages easier to obtain ranking. Search "s", the home page ranking as shown in the figure.

with the authority of the major portals, make it easier for users to accept the website. Some L-carnitine site is taking advantage of this to improve the user’s trust.

can be seen from the figure, in the "s" love Shanghai home page ranking, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth are news pages. These news web pages are the same website promotion. Plus the site itself ranked third, that is to say, this website to seize the five position in the home. Share search page fifty percent resources, which is a concept of what? Indeed L-carnitine love Shanghai for more, maybe at the end of the traffic is not very prominent, that if we apply this search results in other areas? I believe we can understand the existence of the absolute value.


is the quality of the chain

will be published in major news portal soft, in the form of a link on the home page, so that customers browse the site more easily on the site to generate a sense of trust. Because of the lack of protection of L-carnitine industry, this is the most usual way of L-carnitine site.

was released in 1. as the major portals in the pages of the chain, the weight transfer is easier to be recognized in Shanghai love.

2. reprint rate is high, the content of the portal website is a lot of content sources, even between large portal sites often are reproduced.

seize the popular keyword

high quality chain is the webmaster has been pursued, and it has the advantages of soft news. Can be said to have soft news is the chain platform the most advanced, it has become a hot field of the main means to improve their website weight. Soft news provided the chain has the following characteristics:

see here, webmaster friends may have a doubt: the weight of the inside pages of news portal is indeed high, but never so outrageous, such as L-carnitine this competitive keywords, single page news is no reason will be ranked so good! Don’t worry, please continue to look down >


brand effect

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