How to prevent the attack site site protection articles

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3 site guards is 360 of its cloud services platform provides free acceleration and protection for the web site. As a webmaster provides free website acceleration, intelligent high anti DNS, anti DDOS, anti CC, anti hacker permanent online services and websites.



Security treasure

1 love love Shanghai strong acceleration Haiyun relying on cloud computing ability, for the owners to provide free CDN acceleration and a full range of security services

cloud shield


2 cloud shield Alibaba security technology research group over the years accumulated results, computing platform powerful data analysis capabilities combined with ALI cloud, provide DDoS protection for customers, as well as host intrusion prevention, vulnerability detection, Trojan detection a set of security services.




tools / materials


5 Security treasure for websites and mobile applications to provide zero deployment, zero maintenance of one-stop cloud security, CDN acceleration, page optimization and depth data analysis and crystal reports show.

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As long as the

6 according to the website to select the suitable site acceleration protection.

website appeared on the Internet will be subject to a different degree of attack, as a webmaster can’t 24 hours a day in front of the computer to keep the site was attacked. This time we only need simple protection set can complete the website. Door today to teach you how to use the Internet several free protection software website.


360 chief bodyguard

4 (jiasule贵族宝贝) to accelerate the music to provide free anti CC attack, DNS free, free provincial analysis, love Shanghai DNS line search engine optimization, page tamper protection services, can be targeted for protection Dedecms, Discuz forum






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