Love Shanghai algorithm update is not forced us to do the bidding

event review: the joy of PR update at the same time for most of the webmaster, love Shanghai update, I believe that 90% of all this are still fresh, included most of the site have dropped to the bottom, most owners just happy about cliff, a crushing, in front of the basic but some hard to be destroyed on one day. The station’s ranking is not much change, my station is no exception, psychological pull pull cool cool.

a few days ago, read a lot of love Shanghai 6.28 update analysis, one analysis attracted my attention, so I looked for a moment, the moment the sex optimization in Shanghai don’t have confidence. This analysis is: love Shanghai algorithm update may be let us go to the auction. Slow to God, I think for a moment, feel this begs to want to talk about my views, in this view, comfort yourself, but does not deny the views of others, to attack the meaning of others.

algorithm update will let love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has become more difficult, it is sure that after all the love Shanghai is also a need to profit to support business empire, but for our grassroots is not no chance, we still have to do.


my point: whether it is the kind of analysis, but there is little identity, that is love although Shanghai is reduced to the web site is included, but overall, the website ranking what love Shanghai basically did not much change, so for the love of Shanghai will update the algorithm let us go to the auction said I think it is not very reliable. Say, love the sea really let us go to the PPC, it is not simply a search engine into a full page advertisement, I think if so, love Shanghai is not far from being abandoned, it will violate the love of Shanghai is a service for many users of the search engine, let people convenient access to information, the user experience will always hang in the first place the purpose.


event analysis for this event, many owners have also carried out a lot of analysis. Large area included drop, should not very unexpected things, because the love of Shanghai since you enter 2011, love has been in Shanghai to adjust its algorithm, love Shanghai rankings, included, the chain, there have been major changes, so for this event, many webmaster analysis of this algorithm in Shanghai is love in the update, try some new algorithms, or love Shanghai in the update algorithm at the same time there are some problems. There are owners love sea move intended to promote love Shanghai’s own statistics, some owners have done experiments, the first night to install love Shanghai statistics, the second day morning found the thought was K out of the data. The third is the Goojje PR update, make the most diligent hard station has a cool, in order to attract eyeballs, love Shanghai also an unexpected update to attract everyone’s attention, of course, for this analysis, I love Shanghai in China not to regard it as right, after all, the market share accounted for more than 70%, is already. Enough, people pay attention to, a few days ago, Robin Li is still very envious, unknown to the public attention of entrepreneurs.

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