The site can only really do search engines can

, website?

of the website, this is very important. Any development of a good website, the way of promotion is absolutely not only one. For example, some like beauty, large website of mogujie贵族宝贝, 50% of their traffic from other channels.

believes that each website webmaster want to make money? No one is interested in it to. If you have a website is only interested in fun. I advise you to apply for a free blog is good.

is a very simple question, because our website is not content users need.

3. understand the way to promote the

3. why do the search engine ranking

today I read an article "Shanghai Dragon Development in stationmaster net: where is the road of" article, which talked about Google’s upgrade, the upgrade of Shanghai love, said many owners do not see the development direction of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon will perish. I look after their views statement, hope that the majority of owners do not tucao.


2. search, search engine based on user goal. So long as we master the user’s point of view to consider the content of the website, will do to show to the needs of the users, regardless of how to change the search engine, and then adjusted to adapt to the web search engine.

Why don’t we love

, a point of view:

I used to see the amount of post there are hundreds of thousands of a webmaster forum every day in a QQ group, advertising light a month there are more than 50 thousand, I checked his ranking in the forum in Shanghai keywords love basically no, only his name to search to search the forum. I was also curious, his ranking is not the forum propaganda, I thought he was the software automatically released, and later asked to know that he is using QQ group forum to do propaganda.

Summary: ? Two points:

know why I do a website, but also understand the needs of users. We do when the site not to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization site, we do not address the needs of users, so do Shanghai Longfeng deliberately optimize, this will only make you deviate from the goal of getting away.

, three cases

4. QQ, YY, promotion tools, Wangwang, renren贵族宝贝, and now WeChat and micro-blog. As long as some of the more popular tools, we can use a tool, believe that any promotion effect are not bad, as long as you can know.

2. users of

Do website only >



The development direction of engine

Why do we

search engine rankings because it can bring us the flow, to bring order and sales.

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