Shanghai Longfeng experience site right down to 5 days to restore weight

this topic before I said on the web. In order to show the truth of things, I will illustrate the screenshot. The new station, more than 2 months. Updated daily 2 article original. Have time to send the chain. Keywords PR0, but 10 to the ranking, so the weight of the 1 love Shanghai. It has been about 60. In mid July the way off station website. So in addition to two home page URL, the other is K off. But I love Shanghai to stand nice. Keywords ranking has not reduced to.

of the chain I directly overlooked. But the only thing is, pay attention to the high weight of the chain. The first two articles A5 continuous submission. These two articles help is very large, the website reproduced too many to count bring very good results. Then the webmaster forum. Then the business information platform, classified information network, the major popular.

, Links

I mainly from several aspects. Links, chain, website content, user interaction and other means.

Two, the chain The


and then check the spider crawling, okay. The spider every day or field. It seems there is saved, have a great opportunity. Roll sleeve play, I began to restore the road weight.

tragedy came. No. 13 was pictured above is good, but in 14 it fell out completely right down, not only included with WWW corn, only dozens of the chain, domain is not in the first. Keywords needless to say, all lost. The rest is only a WWW home page. Congratulation is PR to be 1. A friend said, you have gone too far! I smiled and said. This is also home is not K well, say PR is not 1. This is not the right down K station, love Shanghai is booked, has not sent off! Ha ha, calm. Then, observed the love of Shanghai statistics: in August 14th the background data statistics or ranking, but No. 15 completely even background data on the The whole army was wiped out..

The correlation between


I want to play


until August 11th, keyword ranking fell. But the main keywords fall not badly. Figure:

and click on the brush. So, get a software. To automatically change the proxy IP brush click keyword index is not high, so the brush effect is good. 13 good rankings as shown:

resources. Some friends come around. I don’t care if you PR. As long as the site for a one-way chain do. Two PR3 station gave me a chain, 5 PR0-2 station gave me a one-way chain. No way, right down, can not be too for friends. Here is enough.


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