Within 2 hours the fruit to your doorstep the middle of what

choose goods, cold chain, continuous marketing to maintain demand, which requires a large capital behind.

some people may still enjoy the fun of shopping, but not to go out to buy food, buy fruit is becoming more and more convenient. As long as a mobile application can get.

according to IT orange data, only in 2015 to enter the fresh electricity supplier market, the company has 34. 4.5 tons of China’s cold chain food market demand is expected, so that fresh electricity supplier market in the last year, unusually lively.

only sell fruit online, you have several choices. For example, one meter every orchard fresh, Xu Xian, local life, SF preferred etc.. For you, more choices often mean more opportunities to buy cheaper fruit. But a better experience is that fresh war, fruit from the order to the home, you wait for the time is getting shorter.

in May of this year, Jingdong $70 million investment in the country’s largest fresh vertical electricity supplier orchard every day. 2 months later, Tencent also quietly took a big hand to get a fresh electricity supplier started in Hangzhou daily excellent fresh.

is the source of the selection of ingredients, but also 1 to 2 hours to serve. How did they do it? Last week we visited the warehouse of the orchard every day.

how is a cherry from the northwest of the United States to your mouth

before you place an order, the cherries are picked at least 3 times, including the machine.

is the first artificial pick fruit varieties at the origin of buyers. Buyers to fruit origin procurement, cost and risk are high. Many problems need to be estimated. For example, whether the fruit season? The Chinese people do not love this taste? Now the national quarantine office is not allowed to introduce local transport is not developed enough


compared to the procurement of domestic retail growers, foreign farm scale is relatively high. Whether it is transportation or the purchase price, are easier to control. According to the official website of American northwest Cherry Orchard every day, from the branches to Chinese, as long as 3 days.

After the collection of

, there will be a screening process every day in the orchard, which will be involved in the filtering of cherry products, including size and color.

every day orchard CEO Wang Wei in an interview with curiosity daily, said the machine selection, a cherry from the northwest of the United States will have 48 self timer, used to filter out those values are not high enough. In addition to the northwestern United States, they have just gone to Kazakhstan to buy a kind of cherry.

in order to avoid risks, every day, the procurement team needs to monitor the changes in their own data, including cargo flight landing time. CEO Wang Wei said, in order to avoid the light caused by storage temperature changes, we try to choose the early arrival of domestic flights."

when cherry landed in the country, it was transported to the storage base. In the warehousing process, the staff in the warehouse flow >

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