Shanghai Longfeng salon awoke chaos small station

love Shanghai algorithm is sensitive to the launch of Scindapsus, the construction of the chain, basically give up the construction of the chain, only focus on the content of the website and the social sharing. The site also has not regained weight, but after listening to, analysis about love Shanghai algorithm Cui Hengbin teacher heard, wake up, before may have seen similar articles, but far not heard good effect. This period of time to do an analysis, website ranking into the home, the decisive factor is the construction of the chain, A5, Chinaz, Journal of Shanghai dragon why to bring high quality of the chain, increase the weight of the website, so as to improve the keywords ranking. So the construction of the chain or to do, stick with it.

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although many people complain about the first phase of the Shanghai Phoenix salon dry cargo but my little harvest very much, no matter how much the key lies in our own dry cargo, not to be touched, the same content, listened to a lot of people don’t feel, but I get what you want. Mr. Zhu Weikun talked about the Shanghai dragon = money, and give a profound explanation, after we mastered the Shanghai Dragon technology should be more flexible to use, rather than holding the Shanghai dragon on. Like, is love Shanghai home keywords, launched 315 operations from last year love Shanghai, after the recharge site is listed as key targets, natural rankings recently had a Taobao customer site, and not the individual station, with enterprise station two level domain name. On the contrary love Shanghai promotion has reached 16. For a long time, the personal website in the top three pages of all hope, standing almost always be right down, nor a return to the first two pages of natural ranking, but we can find many familiar sites from the bidding promotion, from the Shanghai news source in love can see their soft paper. So money is the last word, Shanghai dragon is one of the means of making money.


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love Shanghai spend great efforts to rectify the chain, is not important, but very important.

station in March last year, is down right now is still not restored, fortunately, 360, Sogou ranking is good, also can flow. But still for the love of Shanghai ranked as before is down right brood on, that is in the rack ranking home page, although also tried a lot of ways, but the effect is still not good, until in the "2014 Shanghai New Year Dragon Industry Network Festival, listening to the teacher’s explanation after several original insight, they have not to grasp the nature of the problem, but in the complacent, circles and even retrogression, then combined with the author’s station on how to deal with the update, love Shanghai algorithm.

Shanghai dragon = make money

, Taobao is a railway station, starting from the Taobao store three years ago, in order to promote the need to do a website, after contact with the Shanghai dragon.

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