Shanghai dragon and a search engine on a different dimension of love

first, we can make money by selling advertising, when your site has good rankings and powerful flow, naturally there will be businesses to come to discuss advertising cooperation matters, therefore, as long as you do the work can be optimized. As my personal blog website Wang Haiyan (www.why07贵族宝贝), if the rankings and flow is relatively considerable, then there will be someone to cooperate, it is.

two, a different dimension of love – love deep understanding of

is the beginning of love experience is the perfect ending, the following is the love that we understand, the so-called human date, of course still do in-depth understanding! The love to be aware of, so do Shanghai dragon can why? Yes, you can make money, the former has written an article "" trees for picking fruit, do Shanghai dragon to make money "is justice?", in order to live, to dream, we choose the Shanghai dragon this road, then how can we bring to Shanghai dragon

Chu Ke Wen Qing Xu Xiaohui, you may be familiar with, remember an article in his interview article, in the interview, he said he was in love with the mentality to communicate with customers, and customers "attached" is his business methods, powerful digital certificate, his theory and method is correct, at the beginning moment of the on-line year, already has three hundred thousand registered users, monthly sales reached four million. So why can’t we Shanghai dragon Er like him, falling in love with our customers, pay attention to the needs of users, understand the needs of users, naturally know what search engines want, this is not very good? Maybe we can in Shanghai dragon circles to create another "first moment", our website engraved into the user’s heart, carved into the search engine’s heart. So, as search engines with a different dimension of love.

interests? experience

this section of extradimensional love began from the beginning that we understand each other, the so-called human love, here is the Shanghai dragon’s self introduction part, what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng simple is three letter abbreviation English (Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, Chinese translation for search engine optimization. Shanghai Longfeng through such a set of ideas based on search engine marketing, provide the ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. Through the above text, we can know that the Shanghai dragon, we can use the search engine search rules to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way, so as to obtain the corresponding benefits, well, a preliminary understanding to the end, then how I of Shanghai dragon idea? I hope that through the study of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng and engaged in work, to achieve personal social value, and obtain the corresponding interests, realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

, a different dimension in love – love at the beginning of the

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